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Mary in Arden, North Carolina

73 months ago

jemo in Oak Grove, Kentucky said: Ineed some serious advice on this.i used to work for kbr in iraq.i come from a third world country but was a direct hire. .i worked for two years.Now this is not only interesting but weird.i got hired and offered 2000$ base pay but delayed at home due to visa issues such that by the time i was reeady to go to houston ,the company had slashed the pay and could only offer me 840$ base which they explained was based on the country of origin.i consented because it was better than what i was getting at home.
when i arrived in iraq there were already some employees from my country who had come earlier and thus were getting payed 2000$ for the same job [electrician] i was working for 840$ base.This is where things became crazy because this same people from the same country doing the same job got an increment of 600$ within six months of my arrival while i got nothing[not even an explanation].later we were promoted to journeymen electricians and the same thing happened.someone we come from the same country ,doing the same job and having the same job classification a second time got an increment of another 500$ and the second group gets same promotion and no increment.WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS IN AMERICA?WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT?

Sweetheart, firstly I want to say that I am heartly sorry for what you are going through. Here in the good ol' United Snakes of America, we like to call that "sexual harrassment", "sexual discrimination". However, it is totally legal as a man can do a better job in that field and that is how our gov't sees it. I see it every day here in the states. You might be better off going back to your own country. I would work in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait for free. I just want to know at the end of the day that I did something about the situation. I'm very sorry for the way my country dogged you.

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