Question about HOUSTON?

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cooley47 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

75 months ago

Does the training/classes last all day? When its over can you go out into town?
How long are you supposed to be in Dubai? And what are we supposed to do there?

Kadir Biljal in Skopje, Macedonia

75 months ago

The traning and the medical examination ih Houston they last 5 days(7days if's ur a FSW), if u live near north houston after ur done with the classes on ur first day u can get back home, but if ur far from houston, u can stay in the Hilton or Meriot hotels.But i suggest you to stay at the hotel so u would not be late because if u get late any day that can result to termination. You will need your CMTS number when u check at the dpc for meals and drinks.
In dubai most likely ull stay a day or two, u will have one or two briefing there they tell you when ur flight is ( they do this because they cannot fly only 20 peoples, so they wait the number to increase so that's why u wait in dubai. But dont worry ull get a good time there too. Guess that's all

anythin else
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