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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Kaiser Permanente stack up against the competition?

Been there -don that

132 months ago

Depressive work enviornment for administrative staff in particular. High turn over rate for Admin staff.

Michael Stein in Camarillo, California

127 months ago

I don't see how Kaiser can stand the lawsuits it is facing. Recently out where I live a Kaiser doctor in their organ transplant group killed some teenager so he could steal his organs. He illegally took over the boys care and orchestrated his death. The guy was so incompetent when he killed the boy he messed up when he did it and couldn't even use the organs.

Kaiser is the Author Anderson of healthcare. Everybody needs to look for a backup job if you work there. If you like what you see take it and get away from this hell hole.

J in Boise, Idaho

127 months ago

metoo said: Worked there, got in by knowing someone. Was blackballed out 1 wk before my probation period so the Union couldn't touch them. I was too good at my job, tried hard, was friendly, I guess I made the existing lazy staff look bad. Tried my best to be nice to every staff member. My reward ......They wrote phoney letters
and I was let go. Knowing that I was single with kids
I hope they can live with what they did. I was told by patients I was too happy and helpful and nice to be a Kaiser employee. Maybe one of the staff heard this more than once. Pretty sad comment on life inside Kaiser. They are paid great, best benefits and aren't accountable to anyone......just lazy. I should know I have belonged all my life.

I could not agree with you more! I too worked for Kaiser for 5/years and chose to leave. I was a dedicated hard working employee who saw staff get rewarded with substandard job performances. As another Kaiser employee once said to me..... Kaiser accepts their staff to perform just at the minimum job requirements. In my 30/year career I have never worked for such a disfunctional organization.

Mark in Denver, Colorado

127 months ago

I recently applied for a Government Relations position with the company. I was more than qualified for the position and never heard a response, acceptance or a rejection. Perhaps it's the state of Colorado or just the company itself, but the hiring practices for positions such as, Government Relations Rep. seem to be given away to friends and those on the inside. It makes one wonder whether there is any reason to advertise the positions other than perhaps being legally required.

markniswonger in Placerville, California

103 months ago

I have tried submitting my resume for years with Kaiser. I have matched up their job requirements with my skills and experience on a line-by-line basis. Within 24 hours, every single time, I get a notice that they have selected someone more quaified. Yet, I see the position still advertised for weeks afterwards. I have had recruiters state I would be a perfect match and yet I aways get rejected.

Not very impressed with either their recruiting process or HR department.

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