Kaplan SAT Prep - Bad Idea

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Dave in Boston, Massachusetts

124 months ago

For those looking for advice on how to get a job with Kaplan SAT Prep, all I can say is - don't. You will be overworked and underpaid, and they really are quite deceptive about all that. You will do much better as a schoolteacher in a public school - about 4x better in fact.

Furthermore, they engaged in what I would call intimidation (constant reminders during training that we would lose our jobs if we didn't measure up).

Then, there were illegal work practices - while in principle you are paid for out of class time (at minimum wage, once you read the fine print), they insist that even at that pay rate, such hours be declared at no more than the in-class hours... however to do the job well, you *will* need to work more than the in-class hours. But when a colleague (with an M.S. in mathematics) asked about that, they were told in a stern voice that if they needed more time it was a problem that needed to be addressed with their supervisor in private so something could be done about it. This is precisely the behavior that Walmart employees filed a class action suit against Walmart for. Like Walmart, Kaplan is trying to squeeze the rank and file a little too hard, and stepping over the line.

Kaplan does a great job at marketing (in fact, that was at least half of the training, was how to be an effective marketer for Kaplan), but once the shine wears off, the realities there, at least in SAT prep, were just dismal.

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anonymouse in Edison, New Jersey

123 months ago

i agree 100%

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bobbyr in Durham, North Carolina

118 months ago

Is it really that bad? I'm in the application process right now. I'm going to an audition tonight. Can you be more specific about your experiences? You said you were overworked -- how much? What portion of the work was actual classroom teaching? How was that?

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Jim carvazzio in New York

117 months ago

Please and DON'T become a marketer for Kaplan!!
They really work you- late nights and weekends included!
The quality is definitely not there- the company is constantly recruiting, turnout is huge.
Methods are fishy. totally not recommend it!!

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