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Updated 2 months ago

How to get a job at Kelly Services. - 112 Replies

[QUOTE who=" in London, United Kingdom"]Hi my name is Reabetswe Khakane,I am young person who has a 3 years Adin experience...

HR Pro

Kelly Services, HOUSTON, TX

How is the company culture for Kelly Services in Houston, TX? Is there internal growth for the Houston Market? If you have worked, or are currently...


Updated 2 months ago

Was I Scammed into Thinking Kelly Found Me a Job??? - 2 Replies

They probably filled the position and didn't have the guts to tell you. They will NEVER call you. YOU must follow up with them.


Updated 2 months ago

How Does Kelly Services Manage To Keep Profiting Millions of Dollars in This Economy, When The Unemployment Rate Is So High? - 1 Reply

Umm...none of this is a secret. This is how temp agencies work. If you don't like temp agencies don't work for them.


Updated 3 months ago

Kelly Services Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Host"]What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Kelly Services ? What do you like best...


Updated 3 months ago

Worse Company Ever - 102 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nadine in London, Ontario"]As far as temporary agencies go, Kelly Services was not bad. I had a 6 month contract with a great company....

Speak out about Bad Employers

Updated 11 months ago

Kelly Services home advisor job-PLEASE HELP - 1 Reply

Stay far far away is my advice. Sure, sure, in training it's all rosy and looking good. You get comfortable, you start doing super well and you're...

Jan Yladvik in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 13 months ago

Temp Agencies - 73 Replies

Not impressed with temp agencies---- They never call you EVER! I have applied with so many and I am more than enough qualified --- They are such a...

Blue Ray in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

Kelly Services S*cks! - 8 Replies

I signed up with Kelly Services well over 2 months ago and they still don't have a job available for me. I call my "recruiter" every week to see...

NO work in Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Updated 19 months ago

Unprofessional and unethical - 1 Reply

I take great comfort in knowing I am not alone in dealing with this shady and unprofessional staffing agency, if you'd even call them such. I was...

Nameless in Brandon, Mississippi

Updated 30 months ago

"Kelly Career Network" and "" - Changes Monster Resume - 2 Replies

This is in regards to the "Kelly Career Network" or KCN and it's undisclosed attachment to my own personal account. I feel there is a...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 51 months ago

Kelly Services vs. CareersUSA? - 1 Reply

I just finished a week-long receptionist assignment through CareersUSA that I was very happy with. On December 1st, I will be starting a month-long...

Lara 100 in Houston, Texas

Updated 52 months ago

Kelly Services Temporary Employment Agency - 2 Replies

Stay away from these fools. They will make you come in for an interview and afterwards tell you they do not have any open positions. They only care...

SA33 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 61 months ago

Staffing/Branch Manager position - 1 Reply

I recently applied for the staffing/branch manager for the local Kelly Services office. Can someone please inform me of the company culture, salary,...

Lupe Gonzalez in Plano, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Agency ask this question "Have you being interview by any agency" - 3 Replies

I have went to couple of agency such as kelly service, Robert Half, Teksystem,etc and pretty much all agency ask me this question. I am little...

Lupe Gonzalez in Plano, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Getting in with Kelly - 4 Replies

A couple of years ago, when I still lived in the Beckley area, I called at least 3 times and left messages for them to call me. They never answered...

Benita in Colorado

Updated 69 months ago

Kelly Services Interview Questions. - 1 Reply

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

ward cordarro in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 73 months ago

how do i apply for this job - 1 Reply

hey some one could let me know how i can apply for this job please email me at HARDC0REKILLER.COM or just write back on here thanks.

John Grant in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Updated 73 months ago

Job Postings - 5 Replies

Are there any job postings for a teacher's aide?

John Grant in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Updated 76 months ago

What's the company culture at Kelly Services? - 3 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Kelly Services? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

lee999 in dover

Updated 78 months ago

Kelly Education - 3 Replies

Woked a brief time for Kelly Edu. THey have a whirl whind orientation & send you out on these crappy assign. to teach kids w/ behavior probs. They...

Nes Richardson in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Updated 83 months ago

Kelly's bad - 1 Reply

Folks. Kelly Services is the ONLY agency I've heared about, who doesn't know about split per diem or just pretends not to know. They will squeeze you...

Janee in Houston, Texas

Kelly Services "Not worth your Time"

I applied for a position they had posted on the internet and sent them my resume. When I went for my interview I had to wait for an hour and then...

Dolly Austin in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 84 months ago

Kelly Services News and Happenings. - 5 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Not your typical worker in Augusta, Georgia

Submitted my profile.

And they never called me. The lady that I spoke with told me that she will be giving me a call as soon as he hears from the client however, she never...

KTG in Newark, Delaware

Updated 85 months ago

Anyone in Wisconsin, preferably northern/north-central, have a comment????? - 1 Reply

I find it ridiculous that the only comment postings here regarding Kelly Services temp agency are not even from people in Wisconsin. This job is...

penny trolley in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 86 months ago

Business Careers - 1 Reply

Avoid Business Carers as this placement agency is a waste of time! They called me after I filed out their online applicatiion but they never bothered...

Dolly Austin in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

LMSMID - 3 Replies

The people there are rude..on the surface it looks like a great place to work...but just ask any Kelly service employee how they are treated...I know...

Katie in New Hamsphire in Salem, New Hampshire

Call Center Management Certification

Has anybody pursued certification in Call Center Managment? If so was the test process as difficult as I have heard? Was it worth the time and...

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