How Does Kelly Services Manage To Keep Profiting Millions of Dollars in This Economy, When The Unemployment Rate Is So High?

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mk in Auburn, New York

47 months ago

I am disgusted when I read the financial statements of Kelly Services. They continue to profit millions each quarter off the backs of temporary employees. Kelly Services has come up with some very creative "Workforce Management Solutions". It seems that Kelly Services gets to operate under a variety of business titles. On one hand they can act as an employment agency, placing people into permanent positions and collecting a one-time fee. And on the other hand they can be YOUR employer, acting as an employee leasing agency, which means they DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAWS put in place by New York state regarding Employment Agencies. Therefore they are allowed to keep as much of your pay as they want to.
* They DO NOT have to pay you health insurance,
* They DO NOT have to pay you any vacation time,
* They DO NOT have to pay you any sick leave time


Kelly Services is a PIMP!!! It is disgusting how this company can be allowed to get away with STEALING money from people.

* They abuse the Unemployment System, by laying people off, forcing them to collect unemployment

* They abuse the welfare system, by creating and enabling low paying jobs, which force people to rely on government services.

Carl T. Camden, President and Chief Executive Officer, announced revenue for the fourth quarter of 2010 totaled $1.3 billion, an 11% increase compared to the corresponding quarter in 2009. Revenue for the full year totaled $5.0 billion, a 15% increase compared to the prior year. The fourth quarter of 2009 included an extra week which reduces the quarterly and annual comparisons by approximately 5% and 1%, respectively.

$5.0 BILLION?!?!
All the while, taxes are rising, unemployment is increasing, welfare roles are piling up, foreclosures continue to wreack the nation, and an "EMPLOYMENT AGENCY?" Profits Billions!?!?


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TempCitizen in Houston, Texas

16 months ago

Umm...none of this is a secret. This is how temp agencies work. If you don't like temp agencies don't work for them.

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