Was I Scammed into Thinking Kelly Found Me a Job???

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Gullible and Desperate in Cape Coral, Florida

88 months ago

I got an email from local Kelly office inviting me register for job opportunities. I thought they were finaly getting back to me about a job I had applied for months ago. I completed the online application and called office to set up appt. I got in, they had my name nd the names of two others on a board welcoming me in. I fill out paperwork, take skill set tests. Scored pretty good...had 2 that score basic and the resr were internediate or advanced. The girl (woman) I dealt with told me to wait for "so-n-so" in the room to do a brief interview and get copies of my license ans s.s card and blank check. So-n-so interviewed me by asking me generic questions like "What are your 3 strengths?" She scibbled down what I said on the back of another paper. She asked me what I was looking for and how much I wanted to make. I told her and then right away she tells me that she had a job that someone was supposed to have started today and didn't show. She thought I'd be perfect because I wanted to get my foot in the door at a medical facility and this job would do just that. So she said she was faxing my resume to them and we finished things up and I watched a short video. When I got done, she said she didn't hear from anyone yet. So I left thinking that I was going to get a call. Well, no call...I call at #;30 to ask some questions and inquire about the job. They say the guy has been in a meeting all day, we'll hpe to hear something tomorrow. Well, tomorow came and no call. I call the office around 4:00 to inquire. Well, still haven't heard anything. The woman says wait til Monday.
Well, since finding this board I'm am starting to think I've been played. Is there really a job or not? Why was she offering me a position when they have hundreds already waiting for the same job? Is this what they do to new folks to make them think that Kelly is full of jobs and you are so lucky you came here!?

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Kelly Services in Rochester, Michigan

79 months ago

Hi Luis,
Please search for jobs in your area by visiting www.kellycareernetwork.com or contact your local branch in Augusta via email at 2130@kellyservices.com.

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TempCitizen in Houston, Texas

45 months ago

They probably filled the position and didn't have the guts to tell you. They will NEVER call you. YOU must follow up with them.

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