Working for Kinder Morgan

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current employee in Houston, Texas

126 months ago

very demanding and stressful lots of overtime

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Jack Russo in Houston, Texas

118 months ago

KinderGarten would be a more appropriate name for this company where immaturity reigns.

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Sincraugh in Las Vegas, Nevada

112 months ago

current employee in Houston, Texas said: very demanding and stressful lots of overtime

More work than the other petro/pipeline companies, but with only about half the pay. Employees should not have to work more and get paid less. If Rich K. wants to continue to grow this company with skilled core employees, he better get his pay scale in check. Sincraugh

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SuperStar in Media, Pennsylvania

107 months ago

Jack Russo in Houston, Texas said: KinderGarten would be a more appropriate name for this company where immaturity reigns.

I agree with this comment. As a former KM employee, I witnessed nepotism and favoritism. In my region, an underqualified young woman was hired for a postion solely to return a favor to her mother, another KM employee. If this individual had applied for this postion through normal HR channels, she would have not even met the basic requirements for consideration.

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deankm in Sorrento, Louisiana

97 months ago

If you work for KM or your going to work for KM. The below comment is based on my observation while working in the EHS department in two regions for over a total of six years. This company has been sued by over eight employees that I know and have won for variuos reasons due to wrongful termination. KM Legal is none to settle instead of going to court.

One of the worse companies to work for depending on what you job is... My observations are based souly in working in the EHS shop. While at this company I lost count of the number of managers that didn't have college degrees or even direct work expereince. One manager has recently obtained a online degree when he claearly lied on his application informing everyone that he went to medical school. No records of his going to this school where found.

Turn over is very hi, at one facility in New Orleans a whole EHS team was fired.

The comments above are spot on. They start you off in EHS as a project manager with salary range starting at $45,000 - 60,000. Bonus avg between 1 -2 % and salary raises are less than 3 %.

Recently they have been hiring employees without any background check except for criminal... No education or professional ref check. Many of the people involved in EHS are not qualified to do the job, however they depend allot on consultants to do task. Take away the consultants and they are lost. Now if this happens the firing begins. While at KM I saw several non degreed and non related/with no expereince get hired or moved into a EHS role. Its very frustrating to work in this environment.

The culture is Operations, Operations, Operations. So WARNING IF YOU ARE A EHS PERSON OR QA/QR STAY AWAY. Espically from what they call Gulf and River Regions.

While at KM I have been in meeting where the EHS Manager used the "N" word to discribe another manager that worked as a Safety Manager but was not under his control. The stress keeps getting worse and the pay stays the same.

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Former employee in League City, Texas

85 months ago

This company expects perfection, even though they having you working 6 and 7 days a week. Mistakes are not tolerated and you will be fired for making a mistake. The work is extremely stressful and yes there is a lot of overtime. Their discipline procedures make the jobs even more stressful. And what is even worse is that the management that is doling out the punishment cannot come in and do the job themselves. They don't have a clue what is required to work a desk (job).

This is a terrible company to work for.

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D Lewis in Houston, Texas

62 months ago

the worst of the worst in the PIPELINE INDUSTRY, if a short cut can be found KM will find it, breaking and ignoring their own company procedures. Company procedures are awash is irregularities and often diametrically opposing one another.
Recently the merger with EL PASO, a purge was conducted. KM deserves EL PASO making it the worst company by far. El Paso is unsafe, it's pipeline system just as bad, KM rebuilds useless old pipelines, this will be a challenge for KM. The recent conversion of several old pipelines from natural gas service to liquids will result in an environmental disaster when these retrofitted pipes give way. KM is in for the short term profit, by any means necessary.
Previous comments by former employees are SPOT ON. Any criticism or constructive comments are considered to be threats, and result in negative reviews and not in the Company's best interest.
Mr Kinder himself takes an personal interest in every aspect of this Company, and has a Company 'secret policy' against unions and any attempt to organize.
It's Environmental, Health and Safety Department is mere lip service, a shell of deception and falsehood. It is a do as I say, not as I do. I heard one employee say "Common sense is uncommon at KINDER MORGAN..... he sure wasn't lying.

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