Kohl's Corporation Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Kohl's Corporation?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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nina45 in New York, New York

114 months ago

I had an interview yesterday for a new store opening. In a room of 12 we were all asked the same questions. Be prepared to answer situational questions (what would you do if: you saw a co-worker stealing, if you had an angry customer, if you had to assist more than one person at a time -what woud you do or what did you do in that situation). Also be prepared to answer the following: What are the responsibilities for someone in this business? What qualities do you have that will benefiet us? Describe a time where you gave or received excellent customer service. Describe a time where you exceeded customer service or your job responsibilities. They are trying to asses wether or not you posess their core values so check out their web site. At the end of the interview they will leave the room to go over their checklists (there are 2 interviewers one asking the questions and one assessing whether or not you line up with their core valuse and qulifications for all postitions). They will tell you that they are going to check out the apps to see if you guys missed anything, those who did will stay back while they let everyone else go home. If they ask you to stay, you got the job! They will give you more paperwork to fill out and a form for your drug test. In my group I was the only one to stay behind! Don't answer a question by agreeing with everyone who answered before you. Make your answer sound different and more thought out. Another tip...don't dress like you are going to a bbq! There were a lot of applicants underdressed. No open toe shoes, sleveless shirts, florals or busy looking clothing with bright colors. Wear a nice tie, slacks and plain dark or white shirt. If you are a female, a nice dark skirt or slacks with STOCKINGS and simple black or dark blue shoes. Your shirt should be simple, shortsleved or long. Dress like you are going for a job in corporate america minus the jacket. Even though it's retail, your appearance says a lot...that you are serious.

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nina45 in spring hill, Florida

114 months ago

Me again, My interview was for a new site in spring hill florida.

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liberaldt in Auburn, Alabama

98 months ago

Nina45 has the gist of it. There are a couple of things I can add to it.

BE SPECIFIC in everything you say. The interview is set up with the second person keeping a score sheet on your answer. The interview score sheet has guidelines.

You can be scored Red Yellow or Green.

To get green you not only have do decribe a specific situation, but you ALSO have to say what you did to resolve the issue.

For instance one of the questions is to describe a time when you gave good customer service. Describe a time you did, and give the specific steps you took to resolve the customer issue. Not just, Oh I helped this lady get something off the wall. Something along the lines of, a lady came in wanting money off her purchace because she left a coupon at home. I called my manager to see if it was okay to take the discount off. I gave her the discount with my managers approval and she left a happy customer.

Second, ALWAYS say that the employee should be fired imediately if caught stealing and should go to jail. Never say anything about a second chance.

Third, and most important, when you are asked if you had a confilct at work. Don't EVER say I have never had one. Keep it postive and decribe the specific situation and steps you took to make the situation better. DONT! talk about any conflict with a manager or time off. Talk about with a "co-worker" and how you guys worked it out.

Even better talk about a specific work related conflict such as finding out how to properly do a job after being told to do it wrong. Try to keep it non personal.

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judiapril@*****.*** in Galena, Ohio

76 months ago

I will be going on my FIRST group interview at Kohl's and I am SO happy to have this information beforehand. I have never done a group interview before and I was very worried about what to expect before I found this helpful information. Thank you thank you! I greatly appreciate the time each of you took to write this detailed information
and it will help me prepare and be positive when the interview comes. Now that I know
what this process is like I can relax a little and not be so worried about blowing it.
I can plan my answers for the questions that may be asked and hopefully be successful.
Again, Thank you very much.
Judi P

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Dhillon in North Dighton, Massachusetts

9 months ago

Thanks for the valuable information

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