L'OREAL Interview Questions.

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bil in Edison, New Jersey

122 months ago

I went first with the HR and she was very nice. It's more of your personality and of course knowledge of the job. The second was with the Dept. Manager. This was tough because she asked very technical questions, gives you cases & situations, so you really know adn how you explain it to her. Overall, I thought I got it, was there for an hour and a half but did not get it. It's impossible to guess what they are actually looking for even if you have the knowledge and personality.
Go for it thought and Good Luck.

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themisfit in Marly-le-Roi, France

119 months ago

i had two interviews at l'oreal for HR - jr position - actually im not really sure for what position they were considering me as they never told me - each time i went they said that the purpose of the interview was to get to know me. anyway i knew a lot about the company (check out the harvard business school case studies that you can buy from their site - its worth it). i guess they liked me in the first interview but not in the second one as they sent me a rejection letter about a week later. both interviews were with important HR people - it was casual and friendly. the only strange thing was to interview a person without giving them any real idea what sort of position they are considering you for - and then of course they ask you if you have any questions - after i finished with the general questions about l'oreal as a company and their HR service - there wasnt much left to ask. i feel a bit disappointed about the rejection letter - but that is life i guess - i dont think i responded very well to the questions in the second interview. as a pseudo hr person myself - ive rejected a lot of candidates - and this was undoubtedly bad karma coming back at me :) people are dressed in a formal/casual way - so lean towards the formal side - but dont look old and too conservative because l'oreal wants to give a young yet professional image. one thing that they told me about l'oreal - which made me want to work there all the more - is that it is a company where you have the opportunity to constantly push your limits - take on more responsibility and make your own path. the people who stay with them long term are the ones who are able to take initiative vs those who leave because they are waiting around for someone to tell them what to do. best of luck to you in your l'oreal career!

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metu in Paris, France

115 months ago

Hello, I have an interview with loreal for an internship as an internal audit, any suggestions?

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