What's the company culture at L'OREAL?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at L'OREAL?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at L'OREAL?

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Sharon in New York, New York

127 months ago

Jeans are allowed on Fridays only...and this is only about a year old. There are no happy hours because you will probably still be working during happy hours times. Most days at L'Oreal don't end until 9pm. You will find most VPs still there at this time. So if you are coming in at a lower level, be prepared to stay even later. The good thing is that you will likely get in some international travel...the bad thing is that you will be stuck in a room most of the time. This is also the case at the NY headquarters. Most people don't really leave the building and most eat at thier desk. The culture is nothing like you have seen before, at least three times a month there is some "big" meeting that you have to spend countless hours preparing for. Then the meeting happens and teh direction of everything you have been working on is changed. Most people at L'Oreal live to work. Very few people have children. The culture simply doesn't tolerate the demands of a child. Therefore, most people leave if a child is in the picture. The really bad thing is that Beauty is very trend oriented and fast paced so the work and lifestyle is probably going to be similiar at other companies as well...however, it mayh be better at a US based company.

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Project Engineer in Somerset, New Jersey

120 months ago

Resigned and moved on after 3 yrs. Best decision ever. L'OreHELL is ....well...hell! There are plenty other companies out there that respect a work/life balance....L'Oreal definately DOES NOT!!! I am 30yrs old and couldn't stand the way they treated the older/more experienced work force. The place is run by YUP's straight out of college.....the VP at one site is only 35!!!!

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diesel in Melbourne, Australia

118 months ago

You don't want to work at L'oreal in Australia. Huge boys club. And extremely incompetent HR Dept.

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cyn76nyc in New York, New York

114 months ago

I actually enjoy working at L'Oreal. I work at the NYC HQ's and I think that your experience will depend upon many different factors. A few being which division you work for, how you manage working on a team, how confident you are and ultimately what department you work in. A finance person will have a different perspective then someone in Sales or Marketing. Also, I find the people here to be very smart...so yes you may have a person in their 30's as a VP of a department...but believe me if they don't perform and deliver results they are moved or let go. L'Oreal does not deal with constant mediocricy. So if you are looking to get L'Oreal on your resume but not work...you'll have to look other places. Also, there are times when everyone has to work late...but I rarely see any marketing people here until 9:00 on a consistent basis. Thats a sign of poor time management on that persons part if thats the case. I've stayed until midnight one time, its something I do without complaining, because I have also come in late, had sick days or had days that I took an extra long lunch...so it balances out. Also there are plenty of people hear with kids. Don't let someones overly exaggerated opinion deter you. There are some people that have great experiences here. Not to mention the free products, free french lessons, discount gym memberships...like $15 at NYSC. Plot your own course!

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