Thanks for nothing Waco, TX

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Thanks for nothing Waco, TX in Temple, Texas

94 months ago

Human Resources Departments for the businesses of Waco, TX. I get reject each time by each company in Waco, TX. I really do need a job as soon as possible. I have a clean driving record, I do have a clean background record, and I have never use any drugs of any kind. And I still rejected by each stupid company in Waco,TX. In the words of Vice President Richard B. Cheney to Senator Patrick Leahy to each company in Waco, TX. Each person can "blank" your self each human resource person in Waco, TX. And at TSTC Waco, TX too.

Thanks for Nothing Waco,TX

An observer in Jacksonville, Florida

94 months ago

With an attitude like yours you will never get hired by a reputable firm.

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