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Available For Work Now in Orlando, Florida

100 months ago

These wonderful folks have been running this posting well over a year. How do I know....Glad you asked! I began applying for this position over a year ago. They never bothered to send a confirmation of my application nor a phone call. So I took matters into my own hands and researched where there HQ is located and contacted the Human Resources department at their HQ to find out to whom do I contact at a local level. The Human Resources was kind enough to research my application to find they do not have any records of my application that I had submitted over four times....Go Figure! Well she did provide me her e-mail address and allowed me to re-send my resume and cover letter for her review and she would then pass on my information as it company confidential information as to whom the local hiring team memebers are... So I waited and waited to here something...a rejection letter would have been nice. But no! They continued to run this job posting. So again, I called this helpful Human Resource personnel at the HQ. Naturally, she did not recall our conversation and researched her e-mail history and saw where she received my resume and that she forwarded and that was the end of it! And since then; ,....they continue to post this ad. Don't waste your time or get hopeful!!

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ANON in Roswell, Georgia

52 months ago

Hopefully - with the countless discriminatory practices being brought to light with online applications (age, credit check, disability, race, employment status)- laws are being initiated and instituted in at least 5 states as of 2011.

The enforcement of said laws cannot and will not be enforced unless companies who practice these types screening and confidential information collections are exposed.

You know the surveys and agreements to divulge your personal information for the purposes of a background check? They do NOT need this and it is illegal to ASK for this as a condition of application consideration until you have been INTERVIEWED in the states that prohibit such information gathering.

The companies who deal with health related services and expect employees to adhere to strict HIPPA laws are the same companies who have NO PROBLEM requiring your personal information PRE INTERVIEW - such as online pre employment surveys & background check and credit check information. If you provide this information, there is NO promise in place to protect your personal information is not sent to the hiring company. There is NO offer of protection of your information. The information they collect can be held onto indefinitely. Information protection is only as good as the company hired to guard your personal information. Identity theft is a serious problem and medical related companies should REALIZE they are not exempt from HIPPA regulations and EEOE hiring practices simply because a law is not yet in place to protect the prospective employee.

Take screenshots and forward them to the HR with a CC to your lawyer. Report any company that asks for birthday - even if under the cover of BACKGROUND check by another party when completing your online application. Asking for SS # and employee hiring "surveys" that target potentially discriminatory information should be brought to the EEOE dept. Contact your legislators as well.

Labcorp is one of these companies.

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