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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Labor Ready stack up against the competition?

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richardplumb in Surrey, British Columbia

112 months ago

The Jakkal in The Empire, California said: THis economy uses Labor Ready at both ends. Good and terrible to support growth and layoffs. If you are working for Labor Ready as a sales person, you just have to be honest and work hard and you will be successful. Labor Ready has what people need to get their work done at a reasonable rate, with no contracts. How can you compete against this? You cannot. If you do your job you will be successful.

If you got laid off in 1999 you didn't do your job. A lot of people didn't get laid off. I wonder why?

I must disagree with you, Jakkal. I was a 9 year employee with Labor Ready, I was highly successful I got promoted throughout my career with Labor Ready until I was laid off this year. I moved across the country for that company, I sacrificed so much to get thrown to the curb like a piece of meat. Now, they are not even giving me a reference. When I was let go, I was told it was not a performance issue (I was ranked 29th on the Q3 report cards and an A over all status.... also the Number 1 area for sales % growth and sales $ growth), but a simple cost reduction issue. My former boss, a man whom I have known and worked under for 8 years will not return my phone calls, same with my former peers.

Labour Ready is 100% out for themselves and nothing more. When you are out, you are OUT. This was a company that I lived for.. part of the "family" I was told time and time again.. until they day they no longer need you then they can't seem to remember your name.

This company is a disgrace, and I am ashamed to have worked for them and promoted their false values for 9 years.

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