What's the company culture at Labor Ready?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Labor Ready?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Labor Ready?

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Angry Guy in London in Ingersoll, Ontario

109 months ago

Company culture? Show up drunk, hungover or smelling of the Listerine you chugged the night before.

Dress? Ratty old jeans and a sweat stained t-shirt that is so old the fibres are all but gone.

Typical day? Wake up at 3am to give yourself 45mins to an hour to get ready. 30 minute walk there. Arrive at 4:30 am and hope to hell that something is avalible when they open their doors at 5:30 am.

Don't want to start lining up at 4:30am? No work for you!

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david s in North Fort Myers, Florida

107 months ago


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VOODOO2 in Merchantville, New Jersey

89 months ago

Labor Ready's policy seems to be to get as many people sitting around waiting for work as they possibly can. The one near me sends about 20 people out a day with another 20 waiting around for 4 hours yet they send out automated phone calls saying they have tons of work available and also have a big Help Wanted sign out front. They don't care about you or wasting your time.

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werenotfugazi in Bremerton, Washington

65 months ago

As someone who has held very decent jobs for 3-6 years at a time, rising through the ranks very quickly at each, and earning a great deal of pay by working smart and hard, I have now had my first experience at Labor Ready. Due to my move to a city where regular jobs are not just difficult to find, but nearly impossible, Labor Ready offered me an opportunity to pay my bills.

I take a great deal of pride in my work ethic, my skills and experience, and my respectful interaction with others. That said, I'd like to address Angry Guy's assessment of those who line up at Labor Ready's doors. I feel that Angry Guy's description is based on his own unique perception of the experience and most likely, his own stereotypes so please, don't read too much into it.

Dirty looking clothes? Well, yeah, I suppose that's fair, using twisted logic, but think about this. If you've ever worked in a construction, or manufacturing environment, then you know very well that a new pair of pants or even boots will look decades old within weeks. Not years... weeks! Good pants and boots are anything but cheap. That being the case, and considering that minimum wage at Labor Ready doesn't exactly afford anyone an opportunity to buy a new wardrobe, let's cut some slack here. If a Labor Ready associates clothes appear to be in a taters, consider it a testament to their work ethic knowing that lazy people don't wear out their clothes by standing around!

Labor Ready employs the "Best match, Dispatch" system. This means that they apply the right employees with the most experience to any given job. If you show up at 5:30 and your only work experience is with welding, then don't be discouraged by the fact that the guy who signed in at 8:30 gets sent out on a job at 8:45 to move furniture when he's got 15 years experience.

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Dee in Baltimore, Maryland

42 months ago

Labor Ready is a poorly run company. I signed up for work with them this past Fall. After seeing their shady way of running their business, I never came back for jobs. I don't have any experience with Labor type jobs and it's really messed up that they don't provide training to those that don't have experience with working Labor jobs.

It was a PURE WASTE of time signing up with them. I didn't have bus fare to waste and go to the office everyday with no promise of work.

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D Anonymous 1 in Austin, Texas

39 months ago


That, unfortunately, is the catch 22 about the whole Labor Ready system. NO PROMISE OF WORK. I managed one for 8 years. I know the frustration that the temporary workers who would show up for work would feel. I would hear it everyday.

In defense of Labor Ready as a company though, look at the economy. They can only do so much and cannot force companies to take workers.

I would say you are better off trying to find employment with a more reputable staffing company that will try to match you with a job, instead of showing up a Labor Ready and taking your chances at maybe securing a low-paying job for the day.

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tuffbud in Van Nuys, California

22 months ago

I never got to work at Labor Ready and I tried two branches. My work background is clerical yet I am a tall guy with a strong body. I've had some experience as a packer in warehouses and worked a couple of years as a shipper for FedEx. I came dressed as I would to work at the warehouse, but it seems I never got a look.

Angry Guy in London in Ingersoll, Ontario is right...at least at the branches I went to. Doesn't seem to matter how you come dressed...is more who is there that will vouch for you. WHO YOU KNOW--who decides to know you back.

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tuffbud in Van Nuys, California

22 months ago

To: werenotfugazi in Bremerton, Washington

In order to GAIN EXPERIENCE at employment, you need to have those FIRST OPPORTUNITIES to work. There are some demographics who ALWAYS get those opportunities and take the open door for granted--while others do not enjoy such casual privilege.

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