Liberty Mutual Interview Turnaround Time / Getting Frustrated

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rvisionmarquez in Sacramento, California

97 months ago

Two days after I uploaded my resume I was contacted by a recruiter and he scheduled a phone interview for a claims representative position. The phone interview went well and a day later, I was called by the local office to come in for a in-person interview. Being it an intitial interview I thought it would take only 30 minutes to an hour, but to my surprise I was there for four hours. I had a group interview, then they had me sit in on some call center employees for about an hour. Afterwards, I took another online "personality" and problem solving/data entry test (almost identical to the test I took when I initially applied at my home). Then, I had another group interview with two other members of management. They stated that the intial group was impressed with me and because of that, decided to go ahead and pursue the backround screening process. At the time, I was more than happy to invest half my day there since everyone appeared very friendly and I felt that I was almost guaranteed a position. The only thing that left me a bit unsettled was when I was leaving they simply said, "we'll be in touch with you" but offered no time frame as to when that would be. Since then they contacted me requesting I re-verify information regarding my employment history and education. They have promptly responded to my inquiries regarding my pending evaluation and have been very polite. They keep telling me that everything is checking out very well and they hope to have everything "wrapped up by tomorrow", but unfortunately, they've been saying this for almost a week and "tomorrow" isn't materializing as of yet. I could be totally wrong, but I'm starting to feel a bit strung along, mislead about the position, and also feel like I've waisted a tremendous amount of time. I was told initially they needed to fill these positions immediately but it doesn't seem that's the case here. How long does this hiring/screening process take anyway? It has been two weeks since my initial interview

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Robbie666 in Milford, Ohio

95 months ago

Yes, join the club--went through the whole process--3 months later--a nice letter--no call, no nothing after all that wasted time.

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Amy in South Bend, Indiana

95 months ago

I also had the same interview experience. I was told the same scenario. I was given a schedule of when the classes would be and asked if I had a vacation planned, which I did not. I was then told by the interviewer not go to out and party the week of classes, which I thought was totally unprofessional, I'm an adult in this interview, I did not think I was applying for some joke of a job. I took the same test, spent the same time, and at the end when taking the computor test all over again, I had finished. The computor stated to let your interviewer know that you have completed the assessment. The interviewer was no where to be found and I sat there for another 40 minutes. Total time applying online, over the phone, and in person, about 8 hrs. to then be sent an email a week later that they had decided to go with an applicant with more experience. That was my sign this job was not for me.

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sjohnson in Hamilton, Ohio

93 months ago

Let me tell you a little bit about Liberty Mutual and what they do upon hiring you:

1. They barely train you. I worked in the Hamilton, OH (Ohio Casualty) branch earlier this year and they give you the bare minimum to do your job. They wouldn't even train me on both the Ohio Casualty & Liberty Mutual systems needed to complete my tasks assigned. Not to mention they wouldn't even train anyone on how to address customer concerns correctly. If someone like myself who doesn't come from an insurance background and doesn't have the can you address concerns customers have?

2. The management was totally clueless as the going on in their office. A temp came in and neither of the department supervisiors knew about it. They didn't even bother to train that person either. The only training this temp got was from co-workers who were new there themselves.

3. They promote unfair working environments. I was part of 4 people who processed the mail 3 times a day (Mon - Fri) and they basically took everyone else away and left me to do what it took 4 people to do before. If you don't have the training you need (access to both O.C. & Liberty Mutual's RAM system)it's near impossible to get anything done.

Before I left in March...I had people that had been there 10+ years telling me how unfairly I was being treated. A supervisor in another department couldn't believe they didn't train me correctly. He was just amazed about this.

Liberty Mutual is a poor place to work (take it from me.) Be glad you didn't hear anything back from them about a possible job. They are totally clueless in every way possible.

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brunsoc2@*****.*** in Syracuse, New York

93 months ago

Just want to say thanks for all your comments before I rack my brain trying to login on this web site to apply for a position at LM. Don't think I would be very happy to devote so much time in a interview and not get the position. Really sorry for your inconvenience. Be patient the LORD has a job for all of us!

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sannikay55 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

90 months ago

Wow, I have a phone interview tomorrow with LM with a recruiter. After reading these blogs I'm not looking forward to it. I will not stop interviewing, I have a job now and will stay with it until I really get what I want. Guess the best advice I've gotten here is don't jump at the first thing that comes your way, no matter how good it looks and to check every company out, right?

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Schazzam in Harvard, Illinois

89 months ago

RUN DO NOT WALK!!!! STAY AWAY FROM LIBERTY MUTUAL! I am a current employee that is trying to get out of this nightmare. If you are clueless and do not have a brain or an opinion you will love it otherwise everyone else is screwed from day one! Their logo is "Responsibility what's your policy" That is the farthest thing from the truth. No one in this place wants to take on any responsibility for their actions ever!

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zebarche in Lafayette, Indiana

57 months ago

Woowww....I have 2nd interview next week but after all this have to reconsider. They pledge for equal opportunity employer, but the interviewing me manager sad, that they don't have any one who is with foreign background. Also they don't support with leads and co op real marketing efforts(someone told me differant story before). They have same unacceptable expectations for life ins production as more companies giving salary out there. I've been under this pressure. Thanks.

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waterrr in Malden, Massachusetts

51 months ago

Can I ask you guys some questions about the online assessment at Liberty Mutual?
I have applied for the sales internship at LM, it needs to complete the online assessment as soon as possible. Can anyone know what the content of the online assessment are? About sales skill assessment or problems solving questions?

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