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Is it too early for a future vet to apply a job?

Will the recruiter ignores my resume if I'm still deployed in Japan and will be out of the service and coming back to the U.S. in about 6 months?...


Career Change - LM Candidate Approach?

BLUF: Mid-40’s lead eng background looking to join Lockheed (LM) but in a role significantly different and lower pay than previous work. Need some...

Leslie Wi

Updated 4 days ago

Interview in Fort Worth Texas - 67 Replies

Be sure to watch for the Basic Qualifications needed for each role before you apply!


Prescreen- how long to wait for the call?

I received an e-mail from a recruiter for a position that I applied for that was asking me to provide 3 dates and times for a prescreen interview. I...


Updated 8 days ago

chances of getting in - 1 Reply

I have heard that the process is quick or it could take some time. With other forums though it looks like once you get an interview, you should hear...

New Texan

Updated 18 days ago

Transferring Within Lockheed - 6 Replies

I moved to texas from fl and have been working for LM for two years but my wife has kept her job in FL. We are both wanting to be back in FL to...

Recruiter Bob LM

Updated 19 days ago

How does pay increases go for security with a secret clearance at lockheed martin in atlanta ga - 1 Reply

It's tough to answer a question like "is it worth it?" If you don't already have a security clearance, I always recommend accepting a job that will...

Recruiter Bob LM

Updated 19 days ago

Industrial Design opportunities with Lockheed Martin - 1 Reply

Have you already reached out to any career assistance programs offered through your school? While LM managers might be too busy to meet with...

Elton Schley

Updated 23 days ago

I need help in getting a job with Lockheed Martin PLEASE!!! - 70 Replies

I'm trying to get a career at Lockheed Martin Aerospace as a Material handler associate. I applied and I never can't get an interview


Updated 1 month ago

Job Application Status - 1 Reply

I've been curious about this too. Seems like they do this sometimes with aeronautical engineering jobs that I've applied to. I'm guessing that it...


Updated 1 month ago

Who do I address my cover letter to when applying for a internship at Lockheed Martin? - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada"]It doesn't matter. Nobody reads cover letters anymore.[/QUOTE] you're right that it doesn't...


Phone interview questions

I was called today by a LM HR agent for my first phone interview ever that will happen tomorrow. I am googling interview questions but want to be...

TeddyP in Rome, Georgia

Updated 3 months ago

Lockheed Martin After Interview? - 58 Replies

Hello, I had a interview yesterday in Baltimore for a position. I was wondering what everyone things about this. It seemed like they were...

Chums in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Lockheed Martin's Relocation Package - 8 Replies

Does anyone know what the relocation package is for LHM at this time? All the jobs I have applied for offer relocation, but I cannot find anything...

Patrick in Holland, Ohio


Why is it,,,Every time I apply for a decent aircraft. Job online,,,I get this "An error" has occurred" please try again later? I have over 28 plus...

Brenda in Shalimar, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Pre-Employment Drug Screen - 4 Replies

Please do not respond to this if you are not going to be helpful. I am a college student that has recently received a second round interview with...

GT_Aero in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 4 months ago

How long should I expect to wait for a decision? - 3 Replies

Hey everyone, So I was recently flown out for an on-site interview for an engineering position with Lockheed Martin. The job seemed like the...

The Don in Endicott, New York

Updated 4 months ago

Lockheed ELDP - 7 Replies

Hi guys i just graduated college and got a job offer from Lockheed to be part of engineering leadership program. However this program is in owego NY...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 5 months ago

Waste of my time - 8 Replies

I was invited to interview for four similar entry-level college positions at Lockheed Martin within the time span of about a year and a few months. I...

Marcus Sullivan in Texas

Updated 5 months ago

Lockheed Martin - Someone from Lockheed, help a brotha!! - 67 Replies

Lockheed has fascinated me since I started researching the company. One of the most significant accomplishments of my professional career would be to...

Dahc Lumans in Morgan City, Louisiana

Updated 5 months ago

Wait it out vs starting a new opportunity - 2 Replies

I am curious to find out if I recieved an offer for a position with lockheed at a different facility than the one i was layed off at, does taking the...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 6 months ago

Job Position Status - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I was wondering what would be a good indicator that a position has been filled. On some of the positions that I applied to their...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 6 months ago

Salary requirements before interview? - 2 Replies

I was recently contacted by a LM recruiter via email asking what my salary requirements were. here is the email I changed some info just to remain...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 6 months ago

Lockheed Martin hiring process - 1 Reply

Do Lockheed Martin ever hire anybody on the spot.

ramosde86 in DOVER, Delaware

Updated 6 months ago

Job Status states "cancelled". What does this mean? - 10 Replies

I applied for a job on the Lockheed Martin website and until today the Job Status stated "open". Today the Job Status changed to "cancelled". What...

ramosde86 in DOVER, Delaware

Updated 7 months ago

LM Job Posting closing date - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I was wondering for how long do job postings remain open on the LMCareers website? From what I see, the job postings have an opening...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 7 months ago

"How to get hired by Lockheed Martin"...the e-book - 40 Replies

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s biggest companies with over 125,000 employees around the globe, and at any given time they might have between...

ramosde86 in DOVER, Delaware

Resume/Cover Letter Version

Hello everyone, This is mostly a question for all LM recruiters. There's a couple of LM positions that I have applied so far, like 12 to be exact...

stressguy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Curious about Salary Expectations

Hi guys, So I had a question about what to expect for a starting position salary. I'm a senior mechanical engineering major at Carnegie Mellon...

ramosde86 in DOVER, Delaware

Updated 7 months ago

Don't wait long for a start date from LM because they will rescind their offer and cease efforts to find you employment - 14 Replies

1st... I see that there are several people questioning why LM has not contacted them after applying for a position. I was surprised that LM did not...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 8 months ago

Obtaining an Internship with Lockheed Martin - 3 Replies

Hi all, My name is Chris. I am a highly skilled and motivated graduate student in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech looking for an internship ...

Andrew in Satellite Beach, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

Getting Electronics/ Electrical Engineering @ Lockheed Martin - 6 Replies

Hi folks, Before I posted this, I've done several applications through Lockheed Martin website. Recently this year, my point of interest is...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 8 months ago

Recent Graduate in Need of a JOB with Lockheed Martin - 6 Replies

Okay I am a Recent Graduate and I have been trying to secure a position with Lockheed Martin since I completed my undergraduate degree. I have a...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 8 months ago

Applying, need tips on how to get noticed - 1 Reply

Recently applied for a Communications Systems Engineer position with LM. I have respected this company as long as I can remember, and the job...

jwoolf3490 in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Updated 9 months ago

Application Status - 2 Replies

I was wondering if there is any general phone number I can call to find out the status of my application. I had an interview on December 20th and...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 9 months ago

I had put an application in for a electrical maintaintence position. I have not heard anything from lockheed martin - 1 Reply

Can you tell me who can I contact about an application that I had put in with lockheed.

Beth in Plano in Plano, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Military Transitioning - 9 Replies

Hi everyone, This is my first time posting any questions about getting hired, particularly with Lockheed Martin. I will be separating from the Air...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 10 months ago

Competing with more qualified applicants - 5 Replies

I am a smart girl and a hard worker, but I went to a small school in SC where we did not get Six Sigma or Lean Engineering training, and I haven't...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 10 months ago

Worried about security clearance -- please help! - 11 Replies

Hey all, I will (hopefully) be starting an internship on June 1st at Lockheed Martin in northern Virginia. However, I am currently awaiting...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 11 months ago

Negotiation Process - 3 Replies

Recently I was lucky enough to receive an offer for a Multi Fun Fin Analyst Asc position. The offer and salary was a bit higher than I expected and...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 11 months ago

Help Getting an Interview with Lockheed - 1 Reply

I have been trying to get an entry level engineering job with Lockheed in their space program for a couple of months, and I haven't heard anything...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 11 months ago

Interview Process - 1 Reply

Hello all! I have an interview with LM next week and this is a first large company interview that I will be having. I find that my weakness is in...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Cancelled interview? - 3 Replies

Hello all, I got a voice mail from LM to schedule an interview for next tuesday. Being a student, I had class, and was not able to hear the call...

mels87 in Virginia

Odd Interview?

I understand everyone has a different experience w/LM's hiring process, based on what position he/she is being considered for; regardless, I want to...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 12 months ago

When to expect job offer? - 1 Reply

A few days after interviewing I was informed by the hiring manager that I was selected for the position. I have not yet received a formal job offer...

Ben Fletcher in Germany

Updated 12 months ago

Need help! getting a job at Lockheed as weldor trainee - 2 Replies

I applied for the position at Lockheed Martin sent in my resume for the Weldor Trainee position and I fit the position block by block even down to...

ChemJet in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Job Disappeared! - 2 Replies

I applied to a Communications job last week and got a response from a recruiter within a couple days asking me to submit my responses to some...

Bob in Arlington, Virginia

Salary Range for New Potential Job

I currently had my resume submitted to the hiring manager for a Mid-Level Intel and Senior-Level Intel job in the Washington, DC area. The jobs are...

Dahc Lumans in Morgan City, Louisiana

F35 assembly line recall

i was hired on at the Fort woth facility back in Oct 2012 and was layed off this past january 2013. Since then there has been news of the us agreeing...

Roughdiamondgrl in Woodbridge, Virginia

Updated 13 months ago

Should I move on? - 5 Replies

I interviewed for a position at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive a response. I think the interview went relatively...

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