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eggy in socal, California

Updated 12 months ago

How long do you think will I wait? - 6 Replies

I was recently flown out to this specific location (I don't want to say which location) for an in-person interview with Lockheed Martin. I think my...

engineer87 in New York

Updated 12 months ago

Just had my interview. - 4 Replies

Hello. Any advice or past experiences would be great. Just had an interview with Lockheed in Orlando. Honestly the interview went great. I...

dj2830 in Auburn, Washington

Updated 12 months ago

I want to work at Lockheed Martin - 6 Replies

Hello everyone, I want to work for Lockheed Martin, I think I will make a great candidate there. I graduated college and earned a bachelors in...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 13 months ago

Salary / Benefits / H&W Rate? - 1 Reply

Perhaps this is a silly question, but I am new to the LM application process, & I am a little confused as to what exactly the following means: "In...

mels87 in Virginia

Updated 13 months ago

Application Process - 2 Replies

Hello, I am looking for some guidance re: the application process w/Lockheed. Since mid-May, I've applied to 7 paralegal positions w/Lockheed...

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 14 months ago

Question - 2 Replies

I recently graduated with a Business degree (6 months)... And i have applied to several places (and by several I mean a lot)with little to no...

Paul B3 in Asheville, North Carolina

Updated 14 months ago

Just accepted a job, question - 5 Replies

I currently work at a large defense contractor and I just got an offer from LM. After considering it for a week and discussing it with my current...

TampaAccountant in Tampa, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Lockheed Martin offer for Accounting Associate - 38 Replies

Hi, I just received an offer from Lockheed for an accounting associate position, with a decent starting salary. I also interviewed for the multi...

lockheedhack lockheedhack in Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Two interviews... two months... no communication... HELP! - 6 Replies

Hi All, I was in an interesting situation with Lockheed Martin as I was contacted by a recruiter who was very enthusiastic and stated he had two...

Leslie at Lockheed Martin

Updated 14 months ago

Lockheed Martin opportunities - 3 Replies

Hello, I am currently looking for accounting/finance positions at Lockheed Martin in the Philadelphia area and I was wondering if anyone could give...

Pervis in Lake Los Angeles, California

Updated 15 months ago

The Rumor Mill - 180 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

shaema talib in reston, Virginia

Updated 15 months ago

Background Check - 19 Replies

Here is the deal. I went to a mass interview, got the job, did the background thing, and they called me today. I disclosed everything on the...

JBG in Southampton, Pennsylvania

Updated 16 months ago

Philadelphia area talent recuiter contact info? - 1 Reply

Anyone have contact info on a talent recruiter for LM in the philadelphia area? Thank you.

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

Updated 16 months ago

Lockheed Martin College Internships - 3 Replies

Hello, My name is Dylan, and I am currently a senior in college working towards a degree in MIS (Management Information Systems). I recently...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 17 months ago

LM is after me.... - 10 Replies

I was laid off a few weeks ago and today a coworker called and said HR interrogated him about my "drug use" and if I were smuggling drugs on site. ...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 19 months ago

Still Hiring??? - 6 Replies

I interviewed with Lockheed one month ago today. The interview went great and I could tell that the hiring manager and the rest of the panel really...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 19 months ago

Layoffs - 3 Replies

Has there been any layoffs in the baltimore region lately? Or any rumors of layoffs? Thinking about looking for a job in LM but don't want to be...

Big Dan in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

How long is the wait really? - 39 Replies

I interviewed at Lockheed Martin in Dallas the end of August. It was a few hours of straightforward behavioral questions, I couldn't get a read on...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 19 months ago

Does LM hire Canadian citizens for U.S. locations? - 2 Replies

Hello. I will be graduating from University this spring and although I realize LM has a Canadian subsidary, there are many more opportunities with LM...

Recruiter Bob in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 19 months ago

Advice on the right position for me at LM - 1 Reply

Hi All, I wanted to know if there is a particular position at LM that would suit my education. I have a Technical degree in Aviation Maintenance, a...

Recruiter Bob in Springfield, Virginia

Updated 21 months ago

Military Hire - 7 Replies

I have gone through LM website and read that they hire military people. My question is i'm a qualified veteran with a degree from a good school and...

Shiloh Litton in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 22 months ago

How to get your you foot through the door at lockheed martin - 12 Replies

Hi. So i just graduated college with a Mechanical Engineering Degree and am now going back to obtain a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering...

Prachi Mehta in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 23 months ago

Typical wait after phone interview? - 3 Replies

I had a phone interview with a senior manager of system engineering department last Wednesday(11/2) and he told me that the security staff will call...

screenname1 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 24 months ago

Breaking into government contracting world - 4 Replies

Hi All, I have been working in the engineering/construction industry for about 6 years and am looking to move to an industry that doesn't require...

Recruiter Bob in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 24 months ago

Getting a hold of a hiring manager - 1 Reply

I applied to a Research Scientist Asc (Req# 218917BR and 218918BR)position at the Palmdale, CA location about 3 months ago. I havent heard anything...

K in Orlando, Florida

Resume Question?

Hello! I am a recent college graduate and I am really hoping to get a job in HR with Lockheed Martin. Just last night I was searching Indeed and...

Bikramkid in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Updated 26 months ago

traveling to meet - 5 Replies

I applied online about three weeks ago. Less than 12 hours later, I received an email to schedule a phone screen two days later. We discussed the...

Questions in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 26 months ago

Salaries and Benefits - 75 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Lockheed Martin? What do you like best about working at...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 26 months ago

Pay adjustments when moving? - 2 Replies

If you get on a contract with multiple locations.....say Maryland and Arizona, Get 85k for Maryland then after a year move to Arizona. Do you get to...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 26 months ago

clearance waiver - 2 Replies

I received a secret clearance for a job a few years ago. Do I still need to go through the SF-86 process if I am applying for a secret clearance...

Recruiter Bob in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 27 months ago

Completed PR Screening over the Phone with the Hiring Manager...What's Next? - 5 Replies

I applied to the PTDS program a while back and yesterday morning I received an email from a Hiring Manager stating he would like to speak with as...

GeorgeIs in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago

Waiting Time - 10 Replies

About 2 months ago, I was contacted by a project engineer to apply to an internship in Gaithersburg, MD. I applied, and a month later I got a phone...

stephen243 in santa ana, California

Updated 27 months ago

Lockheed martin After Phone Interview - 2 Replies

Hello, I recently applied for a job in Lockheed martin and I got a phone interview that lasted around 30 mins, after that, they told me someone...

Herwick Mok in Los Angeles, California

Updated 28 months ago

Nervous as heck... - 6 Replies

Hi all. I've applied for an entry-level research scientist job about a week ago, but I have yet to hear anything from anyone yet. Is that normal?...

Hokiegirl in Bethpage, New York

What does "approved" mean in the Job Status Column?

I was just wondering what "approved" meant in the Job Status Column on the career site? Any help will be great! Thanks :)

eggy in socal, California

Updated 28 months ago

Internal Job Board Submission and Other Questions - 15 Replies

Hi, I've just recently graduated from college with my Bachelor's in Information Technology. I have a fairly good GPA, honors distinction, Dean's...

Hokiegirl in Bethpage, New York

Updated 28 months ago

Filled out pre-screen form, received email from recruiter...now what? - 5 Replies

Hello everyone. I applied for a position with LM mid-January. On the 26th, I received a pre-screening form from a recruiter. About a week after...

YellowRabbit in Blacksburg, Virginia

Updated 29 months ago

Had a College On-Campus Interview, Now what? - 2 Replies

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student in the masters program, and had an on-campus behavioral interview last week. The interviewer who was also an...

Recruiter Bob in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 29 months ago

Submitted Application... How long does screening process normally take. - 1 Reply

I am just wandering if anyone knows how long the screening process normally takes after filling out an online application. I applied for an Security...

Billy in Ashland, Kentucky

Updated 30 months ago

Just finished the pre-screening process now what? - 1 Reply

Hey so I got my interview last thursday from the HR in Edwards AFB California. Monday I got a call saying they would like to offer me the position...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 30 months ago

Anyone know ~ salary for Armed Security Officers? - 9 Replies

Hey guys, I've looked extensively and can't find any information on what the Armed facility security officers make at Lockheed. I'm interested in a...

Chilton in Layton, Utah

Updated 31 months ago

getting in at LMCO. - 7 Replies

Does LMCO require an undergrad degree to be hired in?

eggy in socal, California

Updated 31 months ago

When to start looking for LM internships for summer. - 1 Reply

This may be a dumb questions and I ma have missed the boat already but worth the try... I am a junior standing student at the University of...

Msmona in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Updated 33 months ago

Did I get the job? - 8 Replies

I went for an interview at Lockheed. The interview went well, and before my interview they sent me an application and a credit check form. It's been...

b2b in New Castle, Delaware

Updated 33 months ago

Crazy Layoffs at LM - 5 Replies

Very sruprised no one's talking about all the layoffs going on at my company. The company announcements listed at least 2000 jobs that were being...

LNKelly79 in Hayward, California

Looking for work information on the Electronics Telecommunicaions department with RF.

This is in response to a vets job fair I went to a few weeks ago. A rep for LM only said "Ah, RF. I've heard of you guys" during the 10 minutes I...

Recruiter Bob in Brunswick, Georgia

Updated 33 months ago

Problem with Resume/CV section after job submission - 3 Replies

Hi, Im not sure if this is a real issue, but I wanted to verify. Today I submitted for a position in Marietta, GA. I uploaded my resume as I...

Jus J in Lithia Springs, Georgia

Updated 33 months ago

Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated..!! - 2 Replies

Hello, I'm looking to seek advise from current or former Lockheed Martin employees. I'm trying to fond an entry-level job at LM. I found a...

eggy in socal, California

Updated 34 months ago

Summer IT Internship at Lockheed Martin - 5 Replies

Hello, I am currently a Junior at Penn State majoring in Information Sciences and Technology. I am very interested in pursuing a summer internship...

Recruiter Bob in Woodstock, Illinois

Updated 35 months ago

Temp to Hire Process After Interview - 3 Replies

I have a few questions regarding temp to hire jobs at Lockheed Martin. I was contacted through a 3rd party recruiting service for a job approximately...

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