Can anyone help me start an Engineering career with Lockheed Martin?!

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prettysmile320 in Dumfries, Virginia

74 months ago

Look, Lockheed isn't the company you think they are. I have worked for them for years and I am leaving. They talk a good game and on the surface they seem great but they are not. They have cut most of the employee benefits, they state they are about diversity and ethics and they are not. You are just a number to them and you better understand that coming in the door. If you are young, please know that you will be under paid and over worked and you better want to stay with them for 15 plus years if you want a real promotion or raise. Also, you will not have an increase in leave until after your 15th year of employment. They have been losing major contracts because they are not delivering on promises to both their employees and customers. They have not been keeping peoples clearances updated as they should and people have been let go and can not find new work because their clearances are all out of scope. If you are looking for a company that knows who they are working for, Lockheed Martin, is not that company.

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eggy in Palmdale, California

74 months ago

Not sure what business unit prettysmile works in, but as an aerospace major, I'm assuming you want to go into aeronautics. She has her own perspective, but they certainly need clarification.

- Yup, some benefits have been cut, but they're still pretty good.

-- They got rid of the defined benefits pension for new hires, but they still have a defined contribution plan; you don't see any sort of pension plan in most companies these days.

-- In addition to the defined contribution plan, there's a 401k, and matching contributions (up to 4% total) are provided.

-- Then there's all the standard stuff such as insurance, etc. You do have to contribute some, but it's certainly nothing to complain about (I pay $14.88/week).

-- It's true that you don't get an increase in vacation for 15 years- but that's because within the last 10 years or so, they've increased the number of vacation days you start with. 'Back in the day,' a new hire started with 5 days vacation, which was switched to 10 days around '99, which was changed to 15 days within the last couple years. This is certainly NOT something to complain about and is an ENHANCEMENT of benefits.

Regarding raises and promotions, It varies from person to person obviously. As an example, I've been here 10 years, started right out of school, and I've been generally satisfied with my raises- to put a hard number to it, I'm making $86k more than when I started.

With regards to underpaid, starting salaries are also pretty good- and let's face it, if it's not, don't take the job offer; that's absolutely one thing you know coming in.

There has been more of a emphasis on clearances- but it's not because they're not keeping them up to date "as they should." Clearances are expensive, so those who don't need them, aren't keeping them- you're asked to fill out a online form every year with programs that you are working / will work that will require a clearance.

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Toddie4usa1 in Fort Worth, Texas

73 months ago

Prettysmiles you sound pretty bitter I wonder why? care to share? your negative reference to diversity and ethics leads me to believe you expected to be handed promotions and pay raises based on gender and race? I am not sure what Lockheed you have worked for but the Lockheed Martin I work for have been truthful in everything they have said. The company have provided everything they have promised/advertised and have made a tremendous amount of opportunity available for the taking. Just from the tone of your post I can tell your attitude played a major role in your current predicament I suggest you take a closer look at yourself employers want employers who can function in a team environment and contribute positive ideas. Also you if you know anything about the current state of defense business you will note that our ability to generate business contracts depends on the pentagon's ability to buy (ie defense budget) and not our ability to perform. We are the number one defense contractor in the world and we didnt come by that distinction lightly.

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Toddie4usa1 in Fort Worth, Texas

73 months ago

Hi Vincent my advice to you would be to design a craft since you seem to like doing that and show it to the interviewer.It will be proof of your creativity and it will distinguish you from the other applicants. Every applicant can say they are the best and they do all sorts of things but showing them what you can do before you get your foot in the door is proof that will get their attention =)

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