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LMhopeful in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

74 months ago

Hi All,

Recently accept a job offer, did my drug test, and am at day 8 of waiting for results of drug and background tests..

I have a pretty squeaky clean history in all areas except credit, and even that I don't think is that bad... I was also told that I am "eligible for Interim clearnce".

My question is... I have no bankruptcies, tax problems, default loans, etc., just about 15k in credit card debt, that I pay my monthly minimums on. Is this CC debt enough to fail a background check?? Has anyone heard of offers being rescinded solely because of credit card debt?


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Recruiter Bob

74 months ago

Generally if you've gotten an Interim then you'll get a final clearance, although there's no guarantee and each case varies by individual. As long as you're current on your payments then you should be OK. Late payments, abuse of company credit cards, etc, would be your more "severe" issues.

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