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karaline in Burke, Virginia

95 months ago

does LM 'always' insist applicants disclose current salary? I do not ever do this and when i spoke with their recruiter, she insisted that they know my current salary.

Im not quite sure what to think about that but I dont like to be pushed to answer these types of questions.

any advice? should I go ahead and tell or maintain my position? thanks anyone !

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lockheedhack lockheedhack in Fort Worth, Texas

95 months ago

yes they do, you must provide it in your application....lie about it and you have committed fraud and could be fired. Does it matter to the comp analyst....nope...........does it matter to the recruiter...........nope. Will it affect what they offer you....nope...........if the 3 people on the team you are trying to join all make X and you are the same level and skill set and you want X+ 10k do you think that is going to happen? Nope.

Tell the recuiter what you need...they know from experience what past offers have been and can rule you out or rule you in immediately.....why waste everyone's time?

Be up front with the salary you need to be comfortable/happy and stay with the company........if the job you want doesn't meet that $$ then you need to find one that does.

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SickOfLockheed in Washington, District of Columbia

95 months ago

Get the salary up-front because the increases are small (1% - 4%)unless you have a top security clearance. Even then, they are still only 5 - 8%. For once, I agree with lockheedhack. Don't lie about your salary and you need to disclose it. Lockheed hires some joke of a company to check your salary. They ask your past employer for "ranges" instead of an actual number so if you inflate, only do it by a little bit. Again, I strongly suggest you be honest.

Lockheed tries to keep everyone around the medium for the given salary bands. The bands also overlap and are adjusted per region. Someone in the Washington Metropolitan Area or Sunnyvale, California will usually make more than someone in Orlando, Florida or Valley Forge, PA due to cost of living factors.

The best thing to do it get a salary in a top market and then move to a small market like Owego, NY. That way, you have a top salary in a low cost of living market. I've seen many people do this. It seems to be the norm rather than the exception.

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Scared Of L-3 in Waterbury, Connecticut

95 months ago

Very helpful post SickOfLockheed. I'm thinking of leaving Grumman for Lockheed and have an offer in the northeast. They used a third party to check salary and Grumman would not give it.

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