Got interviewed, confused on what Lockheed is doing - please help

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kevinchau in Irvine, California

104 months ago

I was interviewed on the first of February at the CO recruiting center for Lockheed Martin. The interview went well, and they said they would get a decision that day or by the weekend. After a week, I didn't get a response, so I emailed them and the HR person responded with

"The managers thought you had great potential and one of them wanted to proceed with an offer. But for some reason, the position as no longer available, so they went off trying to find a place for you."

I told her to keep me updated on what happens. About a week and a half later she emails me with "Just an update, I have a manager looking at your resume, so hopefully he will give you an offer. I will keep you updated"

Its been about two weeks, and I haven't heard from her since. I emailed the HR representative about two days ago and still haven't received a response yet.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next? Should I send out another email if I still dont get a response? Did I get rejected from Lockheed, but they are just stringing me along as some sort of cruel joke or are they really trying to find a position for me?

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blarg in San Jose, California

104 months ago

Like your HR rep said, the position you were being considered for is no longer available. This probably means that the program that the job was for got cancelled or is facing budget cuts.

I'm certain they're doing their best to try to place you somewhere, but keep in mind that they are probably going to take care of people already in that program.

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