Interviewed for FLDP position almost 2 months i still have a chance?

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c smth in DC, District of Columbia

80 months ago

I interviewed for entry into the FLDP in late september. They said at the time it was one phone interview, and that they are going to interview other candidates. They said i should hear something in a few weeks. Its now been 2 months. I email the FLDP point of contact and she says my info has been sent to HR and if I am selected for the FLDP or any other position someone in HR will contact me. Thats as much as she is able to tell me. My question is, do i still have a shot at the job? I have other offers that are time sensitive and need to know if its worth holding out for (LMCO is the best job i interviewed for). i feel 2 months with no end in sight is a little ridiculous. thanks for any insight out there!

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matt7 in PG, Utah

80 months ago

My Uncle and Cousin work for LM and even with their recommendations, it's taken a long time to begin the interview process for me which I'm just beginning. I've also spoken with others who have had an interview, and then a formal offer made to them 6 months later.

Bottom line, their offers take time, and if that's the best answer they've given you, you should act as if it's a no. As they say, one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

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Anne Saad in Kalamazoo, Michigan

74 months ago

How long did it take from when you applied to when they called you? What does the Open Status mean?

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Toddie4usa1 in Fort Worth, Texas

69 months ago

FLDP is a very competitive program with the majority of candidates coming from within LM. Also, LM receives thousands of applications a day and we only have so many recruiters so patience is a virtue. If you truly believe that LM is where you want to be then I highly recommend you keep trying and dont give up. Also following up with the recruiters does not hurt, you have to a bit of leg work to get into LM it is a very competitive environment here that is what makes us so good at what we do

Hope this helps good luck!

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