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Potential New Hire in Baltimore, Maryland

49 months ago

Has there been any layoffs in the baltimore region lately? Or any rumors of layoffs? Thinking about looking for a job in LM but don't want to be apart of a mass layoff again.

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Recruiter Bob in Chicago, Illinois

48 months ago

Like it or not, layoffs and re-sizing are always going to come with the territory of contracting, since companies have to be responsive to the needs of the customer. Even election-year politics can have the potential to make a huge impact on an employee's livelihood. While LM's HR technicians do a pretty good job of trying to place impacted employees into other positions within the company, the defense industry might not be the best choice for you if you're easily stressed out about things beyond your control.

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am3gose in Fort Worth, Texas

42 months ago

I cant accept "thats the way it is" when it comes to lay offs and lockheed. My family is dislocated in texas now. First layed off in Georgia after 9 months, now Texas after 5 months. I wish recruiters would offer relocation more responsibly when there is information available to indicate that newly relocated employees could be terminated and ineligible for unemployment benefits. This recent lay off could have been handled with more care, responsibility and communication. Business does not have to be heartless. It would have taken one person to make one respectful choice to inform workers and all conflicts would be resolved.

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eggy in socal, California

42 months ago

unfortunately, that IS the way it is in a&d. always has been. :(

as for recruiters offering relocation "more responsibly," no dice bud- it's up to your family and you whether to accept, using the info you have available. if you have questions, you need to ask, but you can't expect to have your hand held, and you can't (generally expect) hr to know that there were layoffs coming in 9 or 5 months.

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