Lockheed Martin College Internships

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Dylan Coleman in Lakeland, Florida

25 months ago


My name is Dylan, and I am currently a senior in college working towards a degree in MIS (Management Information Systems). I recently discovered many summer internships available at Lockheed Martin in Orlando, FL for which I fulfill the requirements. I have always been intrigued by Lockheed Martin, and I think I would be a good fit for multiple positions available. If there is anyone here that could offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated!



eggy in socal, California

25 months ago

You discovered internships now? It's awfully late to be applying for an internship - most would have been filled months ago. Beyond that, unless you're going to grad school, as a senior, you wouldn't qualify for most internships.

Dylan in Florida

25 months ago

Yes I know I am behind the ball, however, there were positions available that were updated as of March 21st so I figured I might as well apply. Also, I do plan on starting my MBA after I graduate in the fall.

Recruiter Bob LM in Haiti

25 months ago

Dylan, what have you got to lose by throwing your hat in the ring? The worst they could do is say "no"...

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