Lockheed Martin Interview (STS)

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chr1zis in Auburn, Alabama

107 months ago

First off, I am a Senior at Auburn University and will be receiving a Bachelors in Software Engineering in December. I am flying down to Orlando later this week to interview with Lockheed Martin, specifically in the Simulation Support and Training department for a Software Engineering position. I am wondering what I should be expecting from this interview? Do I need to prepare for technical questions? If so, what type? The reason I ask this is that I interviewed with Northrop Grumman earlier this week and their interview was 95% behavioral questions with just a couple of minor technical questions. I am just trying to get a feel for how the interview might play out and what I need to be prepared for. If anyone has any experience with interviewing as a Software Engineer with LM STS, your help would be very helpful to me! Thanks in advance!

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106 months ago

Stop and think before you accept any job with Lockheed Martin. Yes, I am bitter but please read ahead and judge for yourself if this is the company for you.
A little background first. I worked at the SWFLANT facility for almost 7 years. Before that, I worked as a consultant for 13 years so I have many years of experience to compare my Lockheed experience to.

1. Unless you were a local from Camden County, you were not likely to get hired by the HR person who measured your abilities based on the church you attended. And, speaking of the HR person, the previous HR person (same church) hired a secretary to become the HR person of the entire facility upon his retirement.
2. LMMS has been 'praised' for their ethics program but participating in it was a joke as even the managers laughed when we exited the classroom. Talk about disturbing!
3. LMMS promotes locals with no education (even though LMMS will pay for it)into management positions for which they are not qualified.
4. As an outsider, you will never become a manager of any type unless you have less education than your manager. Which as you can see is almost an impossibility. Having an education as I did made the managers watch me closely and give me menial tasks to keep me under their thumb. I still can't understand why I was hired in the first place. I think it was because they had contract money they didn't want to loose. Seriously.
5. They encourage the open door policy but not really. They will find a way to punish you if you report something.
6. If you are ready to retire with your LMMS pension, you can better believe that your position will be 'moved' to another state forcing you to quit. This is classic from what I personally observed.
7. Top level (Headquarters) asked all employees to report if there was any way they saw to save money. I wrote a paper and submitted it. My boss let it sit on his desk for 3 months and only read it when I reminded him about it. He buried it. It was such an easy change.

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btran in Palo Alto, California

101 months ago

I have a complete different experience with Lockheed Martin than BSuff01. I have work at various Lockheed martin sites and is currently working at Lockheed Martin Space System in Sunnyvale California. Most people in have worked with at Lockheed Martin in extremely ethical. The working environment is great. Lockheed Martin not only work hard to keep their people, they also work hard to develop their people. They have program such as Early Leadership Development Program (ELDP) to grow their employees into leaders. With the older generation leaving the company there are ton of young managers. A manager in my group is 32 years old and he is now an acting senior manager.

Two draw backs with Lockheed Martin are the salary and stock option. My salary isn't as competitive as those software engineer who work at Cisco or Google. Also i do not get any stock option.

Below is great article about Lockheed Martin interview.


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