Seeking information for LM Logistics Management Analyst Position at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

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Air Force Vet trying to make it in Abilene, Texas

70 months ago

I am honorably seperating the Air Force after over 10 years and found my dream position with Lockheed out of Scott AFB in Illinois. I am extremely qualified for the position,; however, I am extremely new at the concept of researching salary for negotiations and what I need to be prepared to negotiate in terms of pension and benefits.

I have tried to find similar position salaries and am still having a difficult time. I am aiming for between $65 and 75K/year but am nervous of whether I am asking too much or too little.

Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know more information about these positions outside of the job bulletin. I applied for the position on the 29th of July and believe my resume was done really well in relation to key words in the job description. I am just not sure I am prepared for the interview portion if I am called.

Thanks so much in advance for any help!

Toddie4usa1 in Fort Worth, Texas

56 months ago

Have you interviewed yet?

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