They won't return my call or email!

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D Vida in South Jersey, New Jersey

96 months ago

So this is the second year that I've been asked to interview with LM for an internship for the summer. This year, they called me out of the blue saying that I was a match for an internship. So, I went through all the motions and had an interview. Now this is where it became weird,at my interview, the hiring manager did not ask me one question. We basically just sat there and he answered the questions I asked him about what he does. When I left, I basically thought that I was a shoo in because he couldn't say anything negative about me since he never asked me anything. So I was told to call back by Friday if no one ever contacted me. Now I cannot reach anyone. It's been over a week and not only have they not returned my call , but also the email I sent. If I didn't get the position, I wish they would just tell me instead of leading me on. What should I do?

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Dhumml in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

96 months ago

What should you do?

Move on.

It's nearly July and we've already hired our interns (at least at my facility we have). That the manager whom interviewed you didn't ask you any questions is a bit strange, but depending on what you were interviewed to do, they might not have had the experience to ask you anything of importance (my entry interview had two people involved because the manager interviewing was not experienced in my field).

That said, if you don't hear from someone in about 2-3 weeks, odds are that you never will. That's not just for Lockheed, but for most any company. HR has earned it's reputation for being unnecessarily bureaucratic, but if they want you the gears will turn quickly. More to the point, I've always believed in the saying that you can tell a lot about a company by the way in which they go about hiring you. If they make it a long, drawn out process, then odds are that they're going to be a problem employer for as long as you're there (bureaucracy, lack of support for employees, etc.).

Regardless, my advice to people is to put forth a good interview and then to move on to the next one. To sit around and wait for someone to finally make a decision when it comes to hiring at any company is just a bad call, and an invitation to frustration and disappointment.

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myronmurph in utica, New York

96 months ago

Hello, my name is myron murph.. does anyone know what does Job status Accepted means on the Lockhead Martin website.. Does that mean you going to get a interview if it says job appilcation accepted???

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mah in Chicago, Illinois

95 months ago

Hi Myron,
My name is Mike I am interested in getting a summer internship at LM next summer. I have a B.S. in Physics and I am currently working on my Mechanical Engineering Degree. Could you tell me a little about the position you applied for and what your grades and qualifications are like? Is there anything you can recommend doing to get an interview? Thanks

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