Yearly Salary Increase

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bmm in Manassas, Virginia

108 months ago

When does Lockheed Martin announce what your next year's salary increase will be? I have already had my PRS review and I got a 3 but every thing was extremely positive and I have only a level 1 and I have been working for 6 months. Can you give me an estimate on what my increase would be?

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Zyber in New York, New York

107 months ago

Probably zilcho...

you're still a n00b and haven't done much yet. That said, next year you'll get a larger raise than average due to this. Sucks for now, but welcome to the bureaucracy.

That said, I could very well be wrong since you're in VA. With the major attrition of the L1 - 3s there, and the parochialism of the VA sites, you might end up with a 2-3% increase.

LM is funny that way. They play by the rules for some, but not for others.

I wouldn't be too happy about the "successful rating". It's such a broad category that it really means nothing to anyone. It's a default way of management saying that you exist and you haven't screwed up too badly this past year.

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richME in Lubbock, Texas

107 months ago

To All:

I have been offered a position in Upstate NY in the ELDP. I felt that LCMO may have low-balled the base salary. Do any of you know what an average salary might be for the NY region for an entry level ME going into the ELDP.


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bmm in Manassas, Virginia

107 months ago

Has Lockheed already done the salary increase? I have not heard any mention of it, no complaints or no praise.

Overall I have been extremely happy with Lockheed. IMO the starting pay was great and I got a very good moving package. 95% of the people are good. The flex schedule is awesome too.

I'm very happy I accepted a position at Lockheed.

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Dhumml in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

107 months ago

Might I ask a question BMM?

Why aren't you asking your functional these questions? They're pretty vanilla (end of Feb is the answer).

Yeah, everyone loves LM... until they realize that lack of training is preventing them from advancing their career (it's a bit discouraging to hear "look over someone's shoulder while they're configuring <insert device here>"; more so when you realize that is what they literally meant, that you can't actually touch the stuff... for the security conscious just the act opens a can of worms on many systems).

But VA is a different animal. If you're in good with your functional, then you should have little worries. Folks like you (0-5 years with the company) are streaming out the doors, but the ones that stay are loving life. I think it all comes down to the program and manager you're on.

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DCmetroEngr in Fairfax, Virginia

76 months ago

Could someone from LM tell me the salary range for a Network Engineering Stf (not sure if it is a level 5 or 4) in Washington DC or Alexandria, VA? I read in another thread that information is available on the online employee control center which is called "LMPeople" . Thank you greatly!

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