I have a phone interview...

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Lockheed Prospect in Naperville, Illinois

77 months ago


I have a phone interview next week for a position at the Virginia location.

1) I was wondering if somebody can give me some advice/tips/suggestions for the interview. What kind of questions do they ask? technical? behavioral?

2) Since this is a phone interview, will there be a 2nd interview (either phone or in person)?

3) How is the work enviorment at Virginia? What is the age demographics there? I am in my mid 20s, and it would be nice to have people working there in my age group.

4) Any other information you guys feel would help me out would be great!


access in Bellevue, Washington

70 months ago

in my case,
first phone interview: technical
Second: also technical
third: face-to-face, just a simple meeting

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