Lowe's New Hire...starting to wonder........

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disillusioned in Southfield, Michigan

42 months ago

I was recently offered a seasonal position with Lowe's...I accepted and am now in the process of 'training'. The HR mgr who is clearly swamped is guiding a few of us thru the training process but, she is so overloaded that she is sidetracked and unable to effectively convey instruction, pretty much leaving us 'floating in the abyss' by not being clear or consistent in giving direction and information. I was absolutely thrilled about getting this job--feeling very confident that it was going to be a good experience because home improvement is a huge area of interest for me, --but, I am beginning to get the feeling there is a lot of EGO MADNESS and tension driving those in power at Lowe's---more and more I am seeing signs of a cut-throat mentality and some pretty bad attitudes. As it stands right now, I am just going to plug along--hope that when I get out to the garden dept., things will level off and I can just work, stay busy and avoid any of the politics (I may be dreaming on that one....lol!) But, that little dark cloud (I sensed even before I came to this page)of disillusionment is growing thicker each day I am there. Don't get me wrong...I am meeting some very cool peeps there, but, I am clearly getting the feeling that the PHILOSOPHY there is PUT UP and SHUT UP..and people just make the rules as they go in order to cover their butts. I hope I am wrong. To those who have shared their bad experiences...my heart goes out to you. It is 'slim pickin's' out there..and unfortunately, I question if it is much different in ANY company these days. Employers have the advantage---and TAKE advantage because there are so many people out there who are desperate for work--with this, it makes people ugly-competitive and they will do anything to cover their asses because they are not doing their job as managers or otherwise. :( Meanwhile, still sending out resumes.

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lucymcgee in Dekalb, Illinois

39 months ago

Disallusioned in Southfield MI.

In my experience, I have found that store management is over-worked and under-paid. This tension seems to slip down through the ranks - especially when UPPER management is so demanding. I was hired as seasonal too, but they let me stay 8 months - which I really appreciated. I worked on & off in the garden center and I can say that THAT is the best place to work at Lowe's. You're always busy so they don't have time to nit-pick at you very much. Hope your experience turned out to be good.

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