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Valiant in Salem, Massachusetts

66 months ago

Why is it that the managers at Lowe's get away with so much harrassment. I've seen them both ogling over the girls, and bullying the boys. Nobody seems to care. I complained to HR about how unprofessional the management was, and she told me to use caution in who I talked to. So I called the awareline. Nobody cares.

Kevin99 in Victorville, California

65 months ago

You are so right. Seems like you are new to the company. I am so tired of Management that I want to quit. But because of the paycheck, I am still working. There is another source to get your voice heard. Try www.fedupEMPLOYEES.com This website gets down to store level. Very confidential... If enough of us get our thoughts on this web site, I am pretty sure it will be heard. Let me know what you think

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