Any ideas on who to advance at Lowes quickly?

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mrboucher in Sanford, Maine

101 months ago

I got a job in the hardware department, any place I can go to study up on the products they have in that department and or any advice on what I can do to stand out to get promoted?

valiant in Salem, Massachusetts

98 months ago

To stand out and get promoted, kiss ass. Kiss lots and lots of ass, and work all the hours they ask you to work. Do everything they ask you to, without questioning their motives. Knowledge doesn't get you promoted, here, willingness does. I should know.

PoorSap in nowhere, North Carolina

95 months ago

Due to my postition, I have worked in many different stores. I have seen the same culture in each store as well as District and Area Management positions which means in order to move up within Lowe's, you have to kiss some major butt. It's doesn't matter if you have experience in management for over ten years or what you have put into working your current postion. It's all about kissing somebody's butt in order to move up. I've worked for other companies in the past and I've seen the politics and I was able to deal with it, but it seems like most of management here likes to yell and degrade their employees.

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