DM to area PSA???

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Aylssa Blue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

53 months ago

I am currently a DM at lowes for one of the worst departments in the store/region. I only got thrown into the position because after multiple postings, no one was applying and I just happened to be the newest dm to the store so by default I was moved to that department. I came from being an asm at another retailer where I was happy with my job, but new changes and pay drops to management positions caused me to look elsewhere for a job. I am not happy being a dm for many reasons:
1) My asm always finds something wrong with everything I do or even say to the point where I think my work ethic has decreased substantially.
2) I work almost all midshifts. My full time csa does all of the openings and I cover my part timers closings when he's off.
3) My store is too busy to get work done as quickly as dm's in other stores can, and my asm doesn't seem to realize that.
4) I've been written up twice since being in this department.
Ever since shortly after coming into Lowes, I was interested in being a psa, which of course that position is never open. It has finally opened for area psa in two different locations, one of which is the store I've wanted to transfer to for a while.
My boyfriend (who is also a dm at my store) is very friendly with the area psa lead that will be conducting the interviews and he is also good friends with her fiance as well so of course he put in a word for me with her. However, I heard that because I have write ups that are less than three months old, that I am not even eligible to change positions at all right now. Is that true and do they make any exceptions for that at all? Me trying out for area psa is essentially me stepping down, which I don't think they can stop someone from stepping down from a position that they are unhappy in and that is obviously not right for them??
If this girl does interview me, even for the sake of making my boyfriend happy, how can i really wow her on the interview? What type of questions are asked?

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