Lowe's is a great place to work.

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DW in Sugar Land, Texas

64 months ago

I completely agree with you. Me and a fellow associate were just discussing this yesterday. Lowe's was here for us after our last jobs were not. (laid off due to company cuts) The benefits are relatively affordable, you get almost 3 weeks of vacation right away (full timers only of course and including the floating holidays) I have noticed that the complainers (and i imagine these are the same people complaining on here) are the lazy ones in the store. The kids who are at a job, yet are astonished at when they are asked to actually do work. GASP! Now, I do understand certain people's complaints. One being the lack of coverage on the floor. This happens everywhere, and you just have to run with it. Management staff understands that we are understaffed, but they will never admit it to sales employees due to obvious circumstances. That is the way of retail. You can only be one man and cannot expected to be 2 places at once. Some employees do not understand this and get flustered and frustrated. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, grow the brass and tell other customers to politely wait their turn and do your thing. I dont know why, but some people absolutely do not comprehend this concept. NEWS FLASH, THIS AFFECTS EVERY LOWES EMPLOYEE, NOT JUST YOU. JUST DO WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP!

Others just complain about ridiculous things. Frankly, I am surprised at the length of time some of the stores I have worked at keep the lazy, complaining employees.

It also astonishes me that there are CSA's in our store who can not operate ANY of the every day machinery we use. For instance,there are only 3 employees at my entire store than can use the wet saw or carpet cutter. Its a universal problem, because very few can use the blind machine as well. I have noticed that the CSA's INTENTIONALLY avoid these departments or customers in the depts so they are not forced to be trained to use them. Laziness is all that it is. And its an epidemic at some stores.

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Ryan in Warrensburg, Missouri

64 months ago

STOP_BlTCHlNG in Canton, Pennsylvania said: Ok I see everyone complaining about working for Lowe's, I have worked for Lowe's for 6 months now and it seems to be a great company. The store I work for has just opened in Nov 2010 and I have been there since day 1. I started as a Sales Specialist in Flooring and I was always in the top 5 on the top 25 sales specialist in the region. I recently was promoted to Department Manager of Appliances and Kitchens. As long as you bust your butt and do what you agreed to do when you took the job, Lowe's will take care of you. If you call in sick, come in late all the time, and complain you are not going to move ahead. You read the job description when you were hired and you new what the pay was, so why cried about it? Just do what you promised you'd do when you accepted the job.

I have been in the construction trades since 1998, I am a disabled veteran currently working as a utilities plant operating engineer. I hold a technical diploma in HVAC/R, several industry certifications and an AAB and BS in Business Management. I recently applied for a zone supervisor job which required a moderate background in management and trades. I have both but wasn't even given consideration for the job. I am a little bit puzzled by this- at this point I work about 70 miles from my residence and have been looking for a job closer to home. I have no criminal background check and solid references... what gives? Not even forwarded for an interview.

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Jade McCall in Baltimore, Maryland

63 months ago

I just started at Lowe's in Catonsville about a month ago. I was hired as Seasonal Cashier. I am trying to do everything in my power to stay. I don't complain about the forced cuts of overtime, after you basically make me stay over. I just look at it like you know what? Retail is about people using people so suck it up and enjoy that day you get to go home early. Also in places like this( I used to work for Home Depot) I realize its about a bit of ass kissing and making a name for yourself, especially being a woman. So this upcoming week I plan on making sure to hold some type of convo with management and truly care about what the customers are saying, not just being a may I help you okay have a nice day robot. I really want to get ahead with this company. I get so heated when I see these other cashiers who come in late, leave their area, don't help the customers when they walk by, or even speak. I like customer service for this reason, I like helping people. Which brings me to you. I always found cashiering very restricting. You can't go too far, literally and with a company. I saw your post about being a Flooring Specialist. I was interested in that from the begining of applying to Lowe's. However I wasn't considered. I am in a certification course for Interior Decorating, and plan on going for my BA in Interior Design. So this or Kitchen Design are my too areas I am looking into. So can you tell me what is the difference between a Specialist and an Associate in flooring? And tell me a little bit about what you do too. Did you have any experience at all?

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bettalady in Charlotte, North Carolina

53 months ago

Ok I'm a cashier at Lowe's and I gotta say I cannot believe how many lazy people there are in the world. Granted I have been there a month but I am so shocked to see some of the cashiers just complaining and not doing their job. If you are there to actually work it is a great place to work. My store has awesome management...in fact it is the first job where I get along with the managers more than my co-workers. There are your good employees and your bad employees like there is in any job in the world. If people can just change their mentality that Lowe's is not a place where "chill" it is a job where you are expected to work just like you promised when you took the job. I love my job. Hell yes it is tiring as hell but ITS LOWES WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Not to brag but even though I have been there just one month lawn and garden and front end is fighting to see who gets to keep me in their department because I ACTUALLY WORK!

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Nick in Somerville, Massachusetts

52 months ago

@ OP I bet you are singing a much different tune now, huh? How's that $20,000++ cut in your salary treating you? Because Lowe's cares so much about their employees, that they get rid of their commission structure with no notice and basically tell their salespeople to like it or leave.

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Ann in Warwick, Rhode Island

50 months ago

Lowe's a is lot of things, but it's not "a great place to work".

The hours suck, the way most of the managers treat the employees would get them sued in a state or a country with better labor laws.

The pay isn't bad, they start you at 9 bucks an hour as a cashier, it's more than walmart or target, but it certainly not enough to make a decent living out of it.

Lowe's is not a place where you should work for years, it's a temporary job, till you find better. If you are dumb enough to stay, don't come and complain in a few years.

Get a real job, I know I did. There is another world out there, with more than a weekly pay check.

Unless you get excited by the 7 dollars overtime that you got last week, then stay.

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Hayden in Decatur, Alabama

31 months ago

I have been working at Lowe's for maybe 3-4 months now and it really is a good company. As the youngest employee there it can be a little weird but I get along with older people. I am a built guy, im 18 and I'm very versatile on the floor. I am a cashier but I do many other things that managers and head cashiers see and reward me for. Honestly if you do as your told and take some initiative you will be given some slack for when you call in sick or ask to leave early. I think I am the highest paid cashier at the moment, when talking with some slackers in the front end department they tell me they make around 7.50-8 and hour. I refrained from telling them what I make to not cause drama. I make about 12.50 and hour and I haven't been given a raise yet. I plan on staining here for a while and maybe moving up until I finish school.

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giacomoarchivaldo in Monkey Finger, Tennessee

30 months ago

Lowe's is a great place to work. If you haven't been there for more than a few months, you might think so. I mean, hourly pay is at least minimum wage. That beats the H out of food service, right?

Vacation time, wonderful. Unless you hit the problem that there is somebody else trying to take the same spot.

But if your feeling about your job is more than about minimum wage or vacation time, wait a couple years and tell me what you think then.

Milk might seem great when it's fresh and cool. Give it a chance to cheese up.

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charlottergreenberg in Houston, Texas

30 months ago

Fun Place to work, Good Management team, your only limitation is you. Was this review ... There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about my job at Lowes.

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