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Updated 1 month ago

Manpower makes jobs up to get your info - 3 Replies

Worked For This Temp Place,That Right A Temp Job. Did All The Testing Paper Work.Was Sent To Plant In Town People Hate This Place.There 4 Other Temp...

Fromwhatisee in Charleston, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Manpower is a joke (bad) - 10 Replies

If they DO find a job for you they take %25 right off the top. I would not even work for a company that uses these idiots.

soulpaintedwings in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 3 months ago

Should I be worrying? - 6 Replies

I tentatively have the job in the call center for One of our banks via Manpower but I have to pass a background check and a credit check before I can...

Downright disgusted in Livermore, California

Updated 3 months ago

Stay Away From Manpower!!! - 14 Replies

First of all, they post jobs they don't have and use the switch and bait technique when you come for an interview. If the job is posted at...

Dissatisfied in Livermore, California

Updated 4 months ago

Manpower SuckS! - 34 Replies

Well regarding Manpower in the Bronx, I will tell you this much, they change managers and staff, I like you change pampers on a baby. However, I have...

Dissatisfied in Livermore, California

Updated 4 months ago

Shock and Awe at Manpower - 67 Replies

I was chosen by Manpower in New York for their "Circle of Excellence" award. I was shocked and awed at the $15.00 (Yes, fifteen dollars) gift...

Dissatisfied in Livermore, California

Updated 4 months ago

Getting in... - 49 Replies

Do you work at Manpower? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Fight For Your Rights in California

Updated 5 months ago

MANPOWER - Ads for JOBS that DO NOT EXIST ! - 18 Replies

I have spoken with the Manpower Recruiter a number of times over last two months ... I initially responded to an ad for an Experienced Executive...

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Seriously this can not be the pay??? Really

Just saw a job posting for a Quality Analysis with a bachlors degree with CMM experience and the pay was $12 an hour. Please manpower, explain to...

Fight For Your Rights in Lake Forest, California

Updated 6 months ago

Why staffing offices might not call you - 22 Replies

While I can't claim to provide an 'all inclusive' list, I can help shed light on some possible reasons why you might not have been called. When...

Rep in Hudson, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

Employment Agencies a waste of time - 12 Replies

If you want to waste your time and energy to enroll, be tested and sit and wait for a call that is never going to come......go to a recruiting...

Sasha_Dot in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 15 months ago

Manpower Polices - 4 Replies

Hi, I working for manpower for a few months and now one of the employers that manpower sent me to, wants to offer me permanent position but he...

Jobseeker in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 18 months ago

The Rumor Mill - 18 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are... in Austin, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

Send Manpower a resume, be ignored. - 91 Replies

Happens every time I send these clowns a resume. No response, no interest, nada. It would be one thing if I had no skills or experience, but the...

graham in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 34 months ago

Manpower testing - 16 Replies

What is the testing like that is reqired at Manpower? Why is it necessary? Anyone who has been tested at Manpower please let me know about this...

Unemployed2010Grad in Kingston, Pennsylvania

Updated 38 months ago

$300 Background Checks?? - 3 Replies

I'm well aware that temp agencies post fake clerical ads at times to lure you in for different positions but I applied nonetheless since the bills...

ksermas in Plano, Texas

Manpower uses outsorced labor from India!!

I find it laughable that Manpower on their website says how against they are to human trafficking and exploitation while they use people from India...

Fred in Apex, North Carolina

Updated 45 months ago

You are all wrong. Jobs are real. - 90 Replies

I personally work for Manpower, and I don't post an ad for employment unless I have a client looking to hire. I work on the Direct Hire/Permanent...

Fred in Apex, North Carolina

Updated 45 months ago


Come on people lets take some responsibility for ourselves. First, If you are not receiving a call back check your resume. Are there gaps in...

Fred in Apex, North Carolina

Updated 45 months ago



Charger440 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 47 months ago

Bad taste in my mouth - 1 Reply

This all started the weekend after turkey day. I had a bad ear infection with tonsils and lymph nodes all swollen up and had been sick and in pain...

Manpower-GR in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Updated 55 months ago

Quick Question - 1 Reply

Q1:I recently spoke and interviewed with manpower in grand rapids, Michigan. I brought in my resume and everything needed, originally applying for a...

Audrey Garcia in Plano, Texas

Updated 61 months ago

fake - 2 Replies

this and all coors jobs from man power r fake job listing please be aware of this

dude in Social Circle, Georgia

Updated 62 months ago

Working for Manpower - 13 Replies

I have an upcoming interview with Manpower for a Direct Hire Consultant position that seems pretty promising. I have also been offered a job with...

my job sucks in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 64 months ago

this job sucks - 7 Replies

this job is with hayward baker they are a very shady company that dose not give a shit about there employes anyone who takes this job is crazy

florgrl* in Ripon, Wisconsin

Updated 65 months ago

What a joke - 2 Replies

$9 and hour is a joke for this kind of work. Don't ever go with a staffing company unless it is a sub-contractor agency like tradesmen...

destiny dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 65 months ago

Unrealistic expectations - 58 Replies

Let me tell you the life of a recruiter. We hear every single day that we dont call people back, we cant find them jobs, we don't pay well enough,...

Deceived in Kansas City, Kansas

If I'd known Manpower posted the job ad...

I've read some of the posts regarding Manpower. One recruiter writes something like: "we are a *temp* agency, therefore we provide *temporary* work,...

Ron Sobol in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 67 months ago

Agency ask this question "Have you being interview by any agency" - 1 Reply

I have went to couple of agency such as Robert Half, Teksystem,etc and pretty much all agency ask me this question. I am little surprise when they...


Updated 71 months ago

Manpower-San Jose - 1 Reply

My wife and I just moved to san jose. Is manpower a good place to start. What are the pay rates for office work? any advice would help. thanks

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 72 months ago

manpower jobs - 4 Replies

You have to drive to Lakeland to interview for a job. which for me is 2 hours.

Joe Kurtzke in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Updated 72 months ago

Manpower - 1 Reply

I am a retired professional, who wants to continue working in a different type of position. I have visited staff at manpowers office in Oneida , New...

Joe Kurtzke in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Updated 72 months ago


I met with these folks and learned during the interview process that central Florida MANPOWER locations are franchises locations and are not direct...

Joe Kurtzke in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Updated 72 months ago

No Calls - 1 Reply

Not only Manpower, but all temp. agencies tend not to respond to submitted resumes/registrations ! Particularly Manpower, Kelly, and Aerotek,...

Timmay in Midland, Michigan

Updated 74 months ago

Manpower Jobs - 6 Replies

I have worked for MP for over 5 years and its one of the best agencies around. I don't know why others are complaining because if you want to work...

tmlinatx in Austin, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Who removed the Itchy Balls thread? - 3 Replies

It might have been vulgar, maybe even inappropriate, but hot-damn, the Itchy Balls posting was funny and right on the money. Where's your sense of...

tmlinatx in Austin, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Manpower - Most Respected Employment Agency 4 years running! - 2 Replies

To those of you that want to badger Manpower, how did we (yes, I work for Manpower) make it as the most respected Employment Agency for 4 years...

Whining is your name, eh? in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 77 months ago


Come on people lets take some responsibility for ourselves. First, If you are not receiving a call back check your resume. Are there gaps in...

Hmm... in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

I Love Manpower - 7 Replies

I responded for an ad, that " I am qualified for ". They brought me in, tested me, and sent me to a company making 75,000/year. People on here...

Hmm... in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

manpower-welders - 8 Replies

You know that all skilled welders are in very high demand now..Ive been a welder for 15 years--And Manpower wants to pay $11.00 to $12.00 per, hour...

Disappointed in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 77 months ago

Manpower falsification - 5 Replies

Oh I went to manpower,I had seen a posting on the net.A Job in my town that I was qualified for.I was told this was just a generic listing .And then...

Planner2000 in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 77 months ago

Go to Robert Half Int - 164 Replies

Hey Everyone Apply at Accountemps ( Accounting) or Clerical, Administrative ( Officeteam ) for a real Staffing agency

me in San Diego, California

Updated 79 months ago

Manpower Inc. - San Diego Video - 2 Replies

Manpower JobingVideo

LadyW8tn41 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 80 months ago

Manpower contacting you - 172 Replies

I had a call from Manpower. Asked to send a resume in a Word document format. I sent it. I watied a week and a half to recontact them. Then I was...

oldhat in Somewhere, USA

Updated 80 months ago

Diversity @ Manpower - 6 Replies

Jeff Jorres the CEO has gone on record that he does not believe in Diversity in the Workplace. He goes on to state that Diversity Candidates have a...

Accounting Acquisition Agent in Gahanna, Ohio

Updated 84 months ago

Why go through recruiters? - 2 Replies

I mean all they do is look for a job for you...You can do the shyt yourself.

JoyceI in Washington, District of Columbia

Looking for entry level management Jobs with an MBA with no Management experience

I have a background in Advertising and Television and recently completed my MBA. I work for a newspaper and I want to get a job in Business...

JoyceI in Washington, District of Columbia

How Do You know What You are Worth?

How do you know your worth in an organization? I have been with this company for 3 yrs, I just finished my MBA and 2 BSs, even though I have gone for...

ANT in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 85 months ago

Minorities don't bother to go here... - 4 Replies

I signed up with Manpower in "04 and have never been called for a job unless it was $7-8 and out of town and because I did not accept these TWO 45...

Bill in Winter Haven, Florida

Updated 86 months ago

This Opportunity Is Not REAL! - 3 Replies

I was contacted by Manpower for this position back in December os 2006. I met with the hiring Branch Manager. His first question: 1) So how is the...

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