First Timer, Need Advice

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hurtingrightnow in California

113 months ago

I will be getting my first massage at ME tomorrow. I would like some advice so I go in making a pleasant 'patient' for my MT. After reading some of these post, I am a little scared.

Its a 90 min deep tissue, I have one shoulder that I know is all knotted up. I plan on showering right before I go, since otherwise I would feel icky, I am "plus size" at a size 20. Also, my shame is my back acne, that is under treatment and pretty well under control, no active spots, just redness and the deeper under skin acne.

I figured a $20 tip? Should I give it before hand to ensure a happy MT? Is there anything you could tell me that would make it an all around good experience for myself and the Mt?

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Quin Tucket in Broomfield, Colorado

113 months ago

Arrive about 10-15 minutes early to fill out the health form and use the bathroom before the MT calls your name for the session. Keep in mind that the 90 minute session is actually 80 minutes on the table and then you have a few minutes before the massage to do a quick intake with the MT and then they leave while you get undressed. Also please be nice after the session by not spending too much time in the room afterwards as they need to quicky change the sheets for that next client.

A $20 tip is good for the 90 minute session. $15 would be average for that amount of time.

Don't worry about being a plus size or the acne. Most of the clients are on the plus size so you are in the same boat.

Right before the session during your intake tell the therapist about your shoulder issues. You can choose to have most of your session focused on your muscles around the shoulder girdle, pec's, arms, neck & back. Ask them to also work on the muscle under your shoulderblade called the subscapularis (sp?) It's not the most comfortable muscle to work on, but it's usually needed.

good luck

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