Injured? Workerscomp? Massage envy

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72 months ago

I'm sure alot of you massage envy employees have hurt yourself working on their clients. I have worked for this company for about 6 years now and I feel like I work in a sweat shop. Everytime we have pains we work through them and rely on each other to fix the problem. Thank god for our coworkers/friends. Sometimes we have to take a day off here and there or lighten our work load (with resistance). At my location we don't have insurance and we are affraid to claim workers comp. Why are we affraid to ask for workers comp? Cause they had one therapist try to do it and she was fired. Now I know that it's against the law to do that but in Georgia they can fire you for anything else. I don't know if she was compensated but I was friends with the mgr at the time ane he said they found something else to fire her for (like being late) but the real reason was cause of the injury. Well I have been injured for 3 weeks now and finally got up the currage to ask to see a doctor yesterday. Tomorrow will be day 3 with no answer from the absentee owner. They just tell me to take a week off. That's easy for them to say when they make all the money. I should at least see a doc just in case I've done major damage and I'm sure I need prescription antiinflamation meds. Getting chiropractic, massage, heat/ice and over the counter meds are not working. Has anyone been through this? And by this I mean workerscomp? I'm getting resistance from them. What are our rights?

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JCore in Boca Raton, Florida

60 months ago

I am an employee of ME also, and last Thursday during a massage got very bad low back spasms which actually pulled my pelvis out of alignment. A week later and still in pain, I am nervous to ask them about workers comp as well. I am always on time for work and cause no problems and my clients love me. I would love to see what issue they could come up with if they were to try and fire me lol Although they don't want to fire you either because than they pay unemployment lol

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60 months ago

To JCore: I finally got them to send me to a doctor. I had to threaten to call corporate and that it's my right to see a doctor. They gave alot of crap mainly cause the office mgr was young and mouthy. They wanted to know why I didn't report it till a month later. I knew exactly which client and how it felt when it happened. I told them about all the issues we have to deal with when we get hurt (mostly crap from front desk girls or the mgr) and the one girl who was fired (which the owner denied). I told them that we shouldn't have to be fearful of losing their jobs. I told them that we are hard working therapist and that most of us work through the pain. I tried to fix it myself but after a month with no relief it was time to speak up. The first doctor was horrible. I waisted a month doing (not enough) physical therapy. Finally I went to Resurgens Orthopedics. I had done so much deep tissue that I streatched out my rotator cuff. They had me do exercises everyday with bans and with antianflamatories it was better in a month. Your issue may be cause you haven't reported it when it happened. So if you haven't said anything I would just tell them it happened that day you report it. As long as it happened there it shouldn't really matter. Just keep records of everything if they give you to many problems. They ended up being cool in the end (excluding the mgr). All business owners have insurance for workers comp things. And your right about them not wanting to pay unemployment.

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