Michelle Lea Massage Therapy

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Mrs CMT in NewMarket, Maryland

79 months ago

Has anyone ever heard of Michelle Lea Massage Therapy? I'm actually thinking about buying into their franchise because I hear the owner is a massage therapist and is actively involved with the company. Plus the price is good. I like the idea that they are more "healthcare" than assembly line and they aren't a spa and dont require membership. I also like the fact that they pay top dollar to their therapists and dont try to undercut and charge low prices. I just wanted everyone's opinion before I make the jump. I appreciate your input.

Thank you for whatever feed back...please don't blaze me...its just a question.
Mr LMT in Newmarket, MD

alnatural in Louisville, Kentucky

34 months ago

I have never heard of that one, but I will certainly be looking it up. Thank you for sharing

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