What's the company culture at Massage Envy?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Massage Envy?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Massage Envy?

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Adam in Tucson, Arizona

131 months ago

Black Slacks and a belt with the company shirt

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Dan the Man in San Jose, California

119 months ago

Although, it has been some time since you posted last I wanted to leave my comments to your question asked....

Just like any other job you show up on time and wear you uniform
(a white coller polo shirt with purple massage envy logo on it & Black or Kacky pants or knee length shorts depending on the time of year, such as summer time with the heat) the shirt can be tucked or untucked(optional)

with my experince
the therapist usually knows what times he/she works ahead of time
my employer has asked that I show up 30 mins early to avoid the panic of not knowing if I or other therapist will show on time for the appointments.

- a typcal day in massage envy clinic

I punch in on the computer and Im on the clock

In the room-prior to clients arrival:

I prepare for the day by setting the appropreate hieght of the table for each individual therapist.

Then collecting the linens .ie towels sheets face cradel covers also lotions or other lubes such as creams, oils or gels as well as belt & holster.

Dressing the table and adding the bulster for the client, then turning down the sheets

also plugging in the heating mat on the table if client is cold (optional)

Setting the lighting and the sound levels
insure proper stock of face tissues and hand sanitizers

(all therapist at my location are asked not to wear colones or strong scents
for the clients sake)

Finally stock up on Gratuity Envelopes and Pens

Upon client arrival they will checkin with the front desk and then they are invited to sit in the tranquillity room while waiting for the therapist to show up.

the therapist if there was a client before this one will be tearing down the room
and dressing it up for the next clent (usually takes 5 mins or less)
the therapist washes up the goes to collect the next client from the tranquillity room then escorting them to the room that the therapist has been assigned to. (to be continued on next post)

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Dan the Man in San Jose, California

119 months ago

the therapist should then ask the client how they can help the them best with massage today(chief conscerns/clients needs/the main focus of the session)

From here the therapist then asks the the client to dress down to thier comfort level, the therapist then leaves the room and gives 2 mins to the client alone then knocks and asks premission to come in when the client is ready.

then the massage begins

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Dan the Man in San Jose, California

119 months ago

At the end of the massage the therapist excuse them selves from the room thanking the client for the session and saing that you will meet them out side the room

The therapist this fetches a cup of fresh water for the client and waits for the client to emerge from the room then giving the water to them

Depending on the clients needs we recommend that the client rebook for another session for better results.

(not mentioned before,, I feel that reviewing the client intake notes can give valued insight to the clients condition)

at the end of the session or the end of the day we as therapist are required to fill out what is called soap notes, these notes go in the clients folder.

then you go and tear down the room to get it ready for the next client

By the way an our massage is only 50 mins ,, the 10 mins allows for checkin time for the client and tear down time for the therapist

it is often recommended that for maximum bebifits of a full body massage that the client should book for a full 90 mins with the therapist

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Dan the Man in San Jose, California

119 months ago

most Massage Envy's are not Exactly allike so the therapist can be and are very differnt in other locations

Talk in the break room that I have shows that there can be clickish behavior

and it is not just among the theripists

I try to make friends with everyone there and help out when I can pourposely not getting involved in the drama if any

for the most part those employees I know are upstanding individuals

some of us not all do hang out togeather beyond working hours from time to time

I will not relay everything said, though this type of work deffinatly has its benifits
as an extreamely low stress environment the problems are few and far between

I rather enjoy the work and I understand that the pay isnt the best but you have a pretty regular flow of clientele ( it makes for a great starting point just out of school) I suppose in a few years I may move on to my own practice or become an instructor.

I havent had a bad client yet- only tough issues for the the work involved


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Matt in Santee, California

86 months ago

I worked at Massage Envy...

It was a terrible place to work.

Getting paid $15 per hour of massage drastically undervalues the work we do.

And it's $15 PER HOUR OF MASSAGE, not per hour. If you're not doing a massage, you're not getting paid.

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