working at Massage Envy

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Lmt from Tampa Bay in Clearwater, Florida

85 months ago

Most ME franchises are typically owned by those who know nothing about massage. It is not a terrible place to work, I have worked at worse places. It does serve its purpose. Most LMTs only take the position short term while they pursue a position they really want. That could be why the turn over rate is so high.

For some LMTs the $15.00hr is managable if the clients tip appropriatly. The therapist is paid the same whether they do deep tissue or relaxation. If the client really likes the massage, tip accordingly. $5.00 is not a good tip. They have a reference sign for tips, please use it. $10 - $20 is appropriate.

When a therapist works very hard at supplying a deep tissue massage and is left a $5 - $8 tip, I can almost promise, that client will NOT receive the same massage again.

For those therapists that are hurting themselves, you are an employee, you can file Workmans Comp. Use it, it is there for a reason. If you honestly hurt yourself because you are being overbooked than file!!!! Then your pay may actually reflect the $25.00 - $35.00 hr promised in writing at your job interview.

For you owners that are reading this, please know that Massage therapist are not completely ignorant to the law pertaining to employees. You are responsible for the safety and welfare of your employees while they are at work.

One last thought, please know that the $7.00hr receptionist at the front desk has a no book list. Which means they only book the therapists they want to book. And for the clients reading this who get told your favorite therapist is no longer working there or not available, call back and speak to someone else, chances are they were wrong.

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BrokeSadMT in San Diego, California

84 months ago

I just started working at a Massage Envy. The economic crisis has hit my city badly, and I was struggling as a private therapist, to the point my car was repo'ed (which means no mobile clients) and had to nearly file for bankruptcy. ME has saved me, got me out of a no where/no tip chain restaurant job. I have over 10 years experience. I recently had lunch with a friend who is working at a busy very expensive spa and she plain flat out said "The owner of _______ Day Spa will NOT hire anyone who worked at Massage Envy. They hire hacks and newbies. You better not put Massage Envy on your resume if you intend to go back to Salon and Day Spa work". I need my ME job to make rent and eat, the real estate market is collapsing in my town with tons of foreclosures. Even corps are having mass layoffs. My finances are limited, I don't have a car. I hope things improve and that I can get a vehicle soon and get back into private clients so I can cut back at Massage Envy. I love my coworkers who are in the same situation and that is the only reason I have decided to buck up at my clinic.

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ANS2214 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

30 months ago

As an employee of Massage Envy for 2.5 years I can truly say that the company I worked for in VA Beach is unfair and untrustworthy. I was fired by the CA. Then the owner tried convincing me, my coworkers.and even my clients that I quit. She went as far as sending gout false documenting to my clients home addresses stating that I "resigned immediately". As I'm surfing the internet to find the Massage Envy HR contact information, (which seems impossible to find) I stumbled upon this site and thought Id leave a message. I was one of the most requested therapists, loved my job, and my coworkers. I never would have quit. I was fired because the manger didn't want to give me 3 days of emergency time off before my husband left the country on a military deployment . We were only given 5 days notice so I didn't have the option to put in ans wait for a requested time off form to process. I was told my request was "unjustifiable" and that I had caused "a huge customer service issue". The years I put in, the injuries I have acquired from being over booked and this is the way I, one of the most requested therapists at my clinic is being treated. Its a sad the a company who claims to work to improve the lives of others can treat on of there own the way that I have been treated.

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Don'tbelieveit in Phoenix, Arizona

30 months ago


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