How to get a job at MAXIMUS.

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Do you work at MAXIMUS? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Carol H in San Antonio, Texas

98 months ago

If anyone has information about Maximus, I'd like to know how to get in, what the culture is like and any useful information from past or present employees.

Johnny in Fairfax, Virginia

94 months ago

I applied to a few positions with them and was called in for an interview last year at their Reston VA office. I went in there and filled in all this paper work and had the interview. I thought it went well and that I was qualified for the position. The person said they would let me know in a few days. I never heard anything back from them. I tried emailing them and leaving them a voice message, but I never got a response. Even if they didn't want to hire me, it would have been professional to at least respond to my email or voice message.

Thomas Thompson in Sacramento, California

93 months ago

Do your homework with the specific project that you are interviewing for. Each project is fairly independant. Be cautious of "politics" if if you are told that they have cleared up their issues. Ask to talk to people on the team befor you accept the position.

Good Luck!

lola 09 in Sacramento, California

70 months ago

Every project is different. Some the best way is to get hired on as a temp and then see if they will keep you on.. Mostly they promote up from there call center and data entry depts. I thinks its because its a lot of training to learn most depts functions being that they deal with different government, agencies.. They seem to think it is a lot easier to train someone that has some type of working knowledge of whats gong on. As a rule t the location where I work mangers and supervisors that are hiried off the streets only stay aboute to 6 months before they get rid of them.. They just come in one day to work and 15 minutes later someone form hr is at their desk packing there stuff.. Then they will just stick someone else in that dept in that position. As far as emailing and contacting you theya re very unprofessional even if you work there even to those that all ready work there

Advise to someone trying to get a job at MAXIMUS. go someplace else

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