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Crabbynurse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

84 months ago

I, too, took the webinar earlier this year and found many of the same issues others have mentioned. We need to tell them everyday if we had reviews (even if none were scheduled), how they went, and explain any problems that were encountered while doing the reviews. I think its kind of funny that the company expects the field staff to respond to them within the same working day, but when I call my field person, I"m lucky if he responds to me within 2 wks! One entire week after completing the webinar, I spent an entire week calling and leaving messages for my scheduler, also to no avail. When I got smart and called her supervisor, I was told very hastily that the scheduler was sick and her phone was transferred to another person (if so, why was I only getting her voicemail?) I've become smarter. One time I asked about cross training while our division is "on hold" and was informed, "THere are no other jobs available." Hog wash! I looked online on the company's job listing and found several available in other divisions, however, like others have said, I wonder if they have enough work to stay busy. I have another job that I can rely on the 3 days I do not give to MA, AND, if MA has no work for me the days I give to them, I'm available for the other company. Neither one knows about the other one, so who cares. My bills are paid and up to date. We were told in our training that our reviews will enlighten the company on which providers are honest and which ones are not. On 2 separate occasions I called Quality SUpport and shared my concerns about a few providers I knew were fraudulent, based on the things I found in their charts, and was told "It's not MA's position to say anything about these practices." I wonder if the right side of the mouth knows what the tongue on the left side is hiding!

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