How to get a job at Medix Staffing Solutions.

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Do you work at Medix Staffing Solutions? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

ositobebe in Evanston, Illinois

118 months ago

For Internal Hires Only! If you get an interview for a personnel consultant position then realize that they do not just hire any average Joe with a college degree. They are highly selective and if you do not fit into their culture then do not expect to get very far with interviews. Dress very professionally and conservatively for your interview and convey how competitive and hungry you are to be a sales person. I saw a lot of people interview and very few were ever offered a job. Also, realized that they do not pay much at all (32.5 to 35K) starting salary. One last point, everyone who works there is in their mid to early 20's so if you are'nt then don't bother applying.

spreadking in Lombard, Illinois

118 months ago

Medix Lombard will be putting a softball team together for participation in a Co-Ed Lombard Park District League. 21 people are registered, we had to petition the park district because we brought more then the max roster allowed. Please come to our games and show your support for the greatest staffing company in the world. Dates and times TBA. Admission is free.

rotmot in Hollywood, Florida

104 months ago

This is a strange reply for this issue/has nothing to do with the subject addressed. Medix is extremely selective and demanding, but not worth the give back.

Usbrv in Chicago, Illinois

104 months ago

I would say that yes we are very demanding in what we require of our Internal Hires, but that is common in almost all recruiting and sales positions. If someone isn't sharp, self motivated, and dedicated they simply won't succeed in the staffing industry.
Also the opportunity at Medix can be very lucrative for those that are driven and have an aptitude for sales . From my perspective it has been well worth my time and I enjoy working coming to work everyday.

healthcaregirl in Wheeling, Illinois

96 months ago

I took an assignment with Medix staffing solutions and admit that for a staffing agency they seemed to be a class act. However once you are let go from an assignment they will no longer find you work, even if you were reliable and hard-working. I call recruiters shiny happy people because for the most part they are very attractive and well-spoken and tell you what you want to hear and not the reality of the assignment or company you will be working for just to get you contracted.

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