The Men's Warehouse Interview Process-

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houstoncandidate in Houston, Texas

71 months ago

I was left with the impression that The Men's Warehouse has incompetent recruiters/H.R personnel. Coming from an H.R background- a phone screen is a way of SCREENING candidates. This way you can assess if the person is qualified to come in for an interview, and you avoid wasting your time as a recruiter, and the applicant’s time. I was called for an administrative H.R position on January 30, 2012 with the Men's Warehouse- I was on the phone for a good while answering questions for a recruiter. One specific question was: How many people did you support. After having answered the recruiter’s questions- she came to the conclusion that I would be a good candidate to bring an interview. It took about 45 minutes to get to the offices over in the west chase area (beltway) I sat for about 15 minutes. I was greeted and brought up for my interview- the lady whom I met with in for was the person I would be working with directly- short haired blond woman, she asked me how many people I had supported and then said she needed someone who could support a larger group, she said they support about 200 or so people there and that was pretty much the end of my interview. That was a specific question that the recruiter asked me, I feel there is a great lack of communication between their H.R personnel and recruiters and I think that they should be considerate of people's time and well money. The recruiter took the time to schedule my interview, send me all the details, clear her H.R persons schedule, I wasted my time, and money driving 45 minutes for an opportunity that was never available to me. All of this could have been avoided if The Men’s Warehouse would hold their employees to a higher standard. Had I brought in a candidate, as I was brought in and wasted my H.R Directors time, I would certainly be asked questions as to whether or not I understood what I was doing, and what specifically I was recruiting for. It certainly reflects a very lazy attitude about how the company allow

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