Men's Wearhouse: why you should not work for them!

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jane doe in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

116 months ago

I and my boyfriend are both previous employees of men's wearhouse. I quit after 6 months of working for them because the manager showed no concern for how hard the other employees work, not only that but he would show major favortism to certain people and would allow them to run errands on the clock, take 2 hour lunch brakes, etc. Also, I found that there is a lot of nepatism going on in this company especially in the store that I worked in. Almost everyone who works there is related to each other. this store was always under staffed and employees over worked. often times my boyfriend who was a tailor there for over 4 years, would have to spend his time out on the sales floor instead of back in the tailor shop doing his work because there were not enough staff for the sales floor. One day he got behind on his tailor work because he was out on the sales floor and because he got behind the manager suspended him from work with out pay. He is a hard working man and is not the only tailor there that gets behind on the work, but because the other tailors were so favored he is the only one who gets in trouble. and now they have decided to fire a hard working man.

So if any of you are considering working for Men's Wearhouse I would think about whether or not you want to work for such a poorly managed company and if you want to be treated like they have treated so many other people who have worked there.

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Current Employee in California

5 months ago

This is not at all an accurate description of Men's Wearhouse. I've been an employees for almost 3 years, in 3 different stores and I have Never seen a tailor on the sales floor for more than just a fitting (which is part of their job). I don't think it's a bad thing to be able to take a longer lunch, if you wanted to, and as far as favoritism... my hard work was always appreciated.

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