How Quickly do they make a descision once you have done a phone interview?

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art_mis_ia in Columbus, Ohio

77 months ago

I just had a phone interview with the Metlife Recruiter, and I am wondering how quickly I will be contacted for an in-person interview. Or to be told that I am no longer considered. The Recruiter told me they were passing my info on to the hiring manger? Any advice would be greatly appreciated?

wmk0720 in south plainfield, New Jersey

77 months ago

I don't know but I just had a phone interview and would like to know as well. Have you heard back yet?

art_mis_ia in Columbus, Ohio

77 months ago

I e-mailed the recruiter about a week and 1/2 after the interview and did not get the job. I'm not sure if they would have contacted me if I had not followed up though...
Good Luck!

SV78 in Utica, New York

63 months ago

What kind of questions did they ask you over the phone? (anyone)

no_longer_unemployed in Little Silver, New Jersey

62 months ago

I applied on the website on a Saturday, and less than a week later, they emailed to invite me to an initial interview, in person, the following Thursday. However, on Tuesday, I got a surprise call from their internal recruiter, who wanted to do an initial phone screen. Had the Thursday interviews (with three people), and the following Monday, they invited me to come in person once more, again on Thursday, to meet with the senior decisionmaker. One week later, the internal recruiter emailed to ask my salary requirements, and today, Monday, I received an offer.

Total turnaround time: 2 1/2 weeks.

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