What's the company culture at MetLife?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at MetLife?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at MetLife?

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Pat in Blairstown, New Jersey

112 months ago

Frequent changes in business emphasis can make to difficult to prioritize work.

Seems like quite a lot of opportunity for alternative work arrangements, including work-from-home.

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Yanni in Brooklyn, New York

112 months ago

The only friendly face at Met is Snoopy.
Buy one Snoopy stuffed animal, you will be better off...

Typical day: Monday to Sunday..... WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK.... POLITICS, POLITICS, MORE POLITICS.

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MichelleKGNY C in Forest Hills, New York

111 months ago

Managers are more interested in their ratings from their management and not the people who work for them. Bottom Line: Reduce Expenses Equals Bigger Bonuses. More cliques the last several years due to influx of Indian workers who stay among their own which brings a less friendly overall work environment. Coworkers are less willing to share information due to the performance management rating system and everyone is trying to protect their own job. Everyone is on call 24 x 7 so there is no time for social gatherings among coworkers, and due to lack of free time, people would rather spend this time with their families. Surveys are conducted every few years which reveals problems but very little is ever done to correct them.

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john in Chicago, Illinois

111 months ago

every one is in call 24/7? what is that suppose to mean?

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Smiling in Edison, New Jersey

108 months ago

Many managers want your cell to call nights and weekends. Company preaches a lot of good things, but doesn't practice them. Work-life balance is one and employee respect is another.

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Alexandsam in Christmas City, Pennsylvania

107 months ago

I work for the National Accounts group in Central NJ...I have never worked for a company with such a poor enviroment.....EVER. Management is more worried about being friends with other managers then supporting their teams. People count is joke. Benefits, like flexible work arrangements, are only for the "pets" not for everyone.

Stalin would have been a GREAT manager at MetLife.

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George23 in Barnhart, Missouri

106 months ago

I applied in St. Louis, MO for the Fast Track Specialist position. Can anyone give me info on this job and the type of pay to expect?

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do not work here in bridgewater, New Jersey

87 months ago

I agree with many of these postings, in a nutshell:
1. do not expect work life balance
2. do not expect a reasonable volume of work
3. do not expect help prioritizing, 'everything' is a priority
4. yes, they do offer alternative work arrangements, but is that really going to help if you're working till 10 pm? Well, at least you can take a break to tuck your kid into bed.
5. expect a lot of politics, everyone's trying to protect their jobs and people are generally overworked and unhappy about it, this is my first 'sweatshop' experience. Do not expect anyone to 'go to bat' for you, they're more concerned with saving themselves.
6. performance management process is a joke and do expect not to get what you deserve.

In summary, it's not worth it. Folks, do your research and best of luck in this economy! It's tough out there!

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gidget's mom in Narragansett, Rhode Island

75 months ago

I've worked at MetLife for 15 years. It is a very unhappy place. The managers only care about their own personal ratings and will step on the backs of their people to get them. Only 3 sick days per year. After two "occurances", you are written up. All workers are on production now. Must perform a certain amount of work. We are monitored by computer data collecting which provides weekly reporting to our bosses. Fall short? You will hear about it on Monday when the manager releases your "stats" to you. If you are within 90% of the middle salary point for your level, you will receive no raise until the recession is over. I have had no raise in 5 years. Yet, cost of my health plan is going up. This means less money in the paycheck each year.

Surveys show alot of unhappiness which corporate addresses with fancy spreadsheets and new committees which sent our meaningless info. Lots of competitions to pit co-workers against each other. The prizes? Usually another useless casual day coupon which is unnecessary because everyone dresses casual anyway. No one can afford new clothes these past few years!

I've learned nothing new because they won't pay for training. All training that is required is online with videos. But you have to beg for the time to do it because they are always worried about your stats and their numbers. They've turned a white collar job into a factory job. Because of fear, competition, and Draconian work treatment, co-workers who are oppressed turn on each other. No friendly faces at this place.

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alwaysbeselling in Orlando, Florida

74 months ago

The work life at MetLife;
-You are your own BOSS. (supposedly)
-You are expected to handle customer service 'issues' to turn them into sales. (no base salary-straight commission)
-You are in charge of what you want to sell. (there is no training, as in side-by-side this is how to sell a life policy, this is how to sell an investment, this is how to fill out an application, etc.)
-You will have a trainer. (you will partner with a senior employee who will split deals you bring to him 50%/50% and learn from that.)
-You are working in a CAREER, not a job. ( you might not have a paycheck some weeks or months, but you have a 'CAREER'.)
-You are in charge of your success. (you will pay for your own postage, marketing, advertisements, gas to drive to customer's home's and hotel's if they give you leads out-of-town.)
-You will make phone calls to existing client's. (you will feel like a telephone solicitor on a daily basis.)

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alwaysbeselling in Orlando, Florida

74 months ago

juice in Keasbey, New Jersey said: INSTITUTIONAL GROUP.. UNFRIENDLY AND SNOBBISH.........

Very Snobbish! Agreed. Unfriendly and ready to stab you in the back when they get half a chance.

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A Devoted Employee in Amsterdam, New York

40 months ago

I am a current employee, and have been for many years. This used to actually be a pretty good place to work. Now they are just riding on their old reputation of being a good company that cares about it's people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have been laying off and 'right sourcing' for many years, and the old staff is now cut to the bone. All done under the covers, so as to avoid publicity. The latest is to close many corporate offices throughout the country and 'consolidate' them into NC and SC offices. The sad thing is that they aren't allowing the current employees (over 3,000 people) to go with those jobs. Those people are basically being laid off. While management may give some of them the option of reapplying for their old positions. But when reapplying, the job is simultaneously posted to the outside world. So you are just like any other person out there now applying for a job. You might get hired and you might not. Given that the companies aim is to reduce expenses, they aren't really too keen on paying relocation expenses and maintaining salaries of current employees that may have been there for 20 or 30 years. They are instead putting an all out effort into replacing current staff with cheaper labor from the local pool in NC and SC.
So bottom line, they really don't give a crap about their employees. It doesn't matter how much you've done for them, how stellar a performer you've been in the past. When they decide there's a cheaper way to do your job, your gone. Many, many employees have been replaced with off shore consulting firms over the past several years. And the trend continues.
If you go to work for Met, make sure to have a backup plan, you'll need it!

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