MRINetwork Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at MRINetwork?

What do you like best about working at MRINetwork? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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survivedit2 in Portland, Oregon

96 months ago

Ask the interviewer how many top billers have left in the last three years. Ask them how many CSAMS have left in the last three years. The bosses are complete control freaks. They believe that the process will win the day and are constantly trying to change it because their model is broke. The only recruiters who have ever made any money are those that do it their own way. The company has gone from 50 to 15 recruiters in the last three years and the owners blame it on the economy. The truth is that they lost everyone of their top billers. The atmosphere is so stifling there is no room for creativity. The bosses treat the employees like machines they are totally inhumane. The insurance-you will pay 600 out of pocket if you have a family with 3k deductible and 6k total out of pocket-it is useless. They do not match anything on the 401k. What they do basically is give you some outdated training, a computer and a phone. They take 65% of your commission and you get the rest. They are completely inflexible. It is a sick putrid place to work. I worked their four years. They lord over you with a non compete so you can not leave meanwhile taking 65% of your money and give you absolutely nothing in return. There have been excellent recruiters that passed through those doors but passed right on through. The place is run as if ego maniacal, megalomaniacs with narcissistic tendencies run it. I advise you highly to go to linkedin and find a recruiter that still dares to list this employment on their profile and asked them if you should work here. In fact, you probably could ask the current recruiters and get an honest answer. STAY away keep your sanity.

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bobstewart in Cheshire, United Kingdom

96 months ago

MRINetwork also known as Management Recruiters International or MRI Network is a global recruitment franchise. They have a track record of misrepresenting the truth. For years they falsely portrayed someone as a regular franchisee who had no valid franchise agreement and who was not paying them royalties. MRINetwork continued with this deception for years and fooled all real franchisees and clients alike. Read the facts about this and more questionable business practices by MRINetwork and their owners at

Specifically read about:

The years of misrepresentation by MRI Network

MRINetwork Breach of Franchise Contract

Joseph R Seiders affidavit misstatements made under oath

Roger H Ballou misstatements to shareholders

Sarbanes-Oxley concerns - was the debt correctly written-off? See why Roger H Ballou is so coy about clarifying his legal obligations under SOX rules

Steve Mills denies responsibility

Steve Mills applies coercion to franchisee in attempt to gain get-out clause for MRI Network negligence.

Management Recruiters International break agreements. Read how Steve Mills made and then broke written agreements with MRINetwork franchisee.

Anders Elite, a subsidiary of CDI Corporation, has been found guilty of anti-competitive behaviour by UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Steve Mills lies on oath. Read his actual words spoken on oath to Ohio Courts.

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