What kind of work is an MRI network recruiter

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Hannah in Binghamton, New York

125 months ago

What kind of work is this? from: irishhannah@yahoo.com

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survivedit2 in Portland, Oregon

98 months ago

To anyone considering employment at this office, I would ask you to consider the following. Be prepared to justify and defend any phone call dialed and received. Be prepared each morning to discuss the same recruiting skills day after day, month after month, year after year; this is called training. A hint: it's about as productive as writing your name three-hundred times every morning. Be prepared to be sent home if you are one minute late arriving to work, or returning from lunch. Be prepared to work overtime with no pay; and by the way this is encouraged. Be prepared to hear each recruiter averages over $90K/year, when in fact it is significantly less. Be prepared to pay a premium for what is essentially worthless health insurance. Be prepared for daily reminders about how long your phone calls are, and how many calls you make per hour. Be prepared for the “Metrix”; a fictional statistic that says you should have x amount of search assignments based on x amount of calls. And a FYI, this doesn't apply to the owners. Be prepared to give 60% of your fees to the owners and for that receive limited administrative support, yet endure all that you've just read. Be prepared for erroneous, non productive rules implemented at any given time; for instance, no use of computers during particular hours of the day, or all incoming calls to your desk blocked. And finally, be prepared to hear stories (from the owners) about how great they were, and the office was...20 years ago.

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